Claims Tree Structure


P1 = Patent US 9, 156,715

P2 = Patent (US&, 247,262B2)

Language and Structure


  • The summary of P1 is more detailed than that of P2.
  • Both of the patents give a description of inventions that are technologically time.
  • Both writers have used Calibri 12 font in presenting their work.
  • The two patents are written in the American English.


  • P1 has a total of 61 claims unlike P2 that has 56 claims.
  • In both patents, the presentation of claims is chronological and orderly.
  • In both patents, the explanation and the claims run parallel on the same page

Structure and Wording

  • Both patents present their report in vertical orientation of paragraphs
  • In P1, abbreviation of words is dominant unlike in P2
  • P2 gives more detailed examples than P1.
  • In both patents, a new paragraph is begun after skipping a line.



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