Human Resource Management

Question 1

The aim in designing a new selection system is to improve the operation of the company in terms of management and general workforce. Basing on the past management, it is evident that the company is having some problems in its activities since it takes many days in various tasks in the firm. Therefore, there was a need to design selection system to improve on the operations.

Question two

In my point of view, when a company is looking for new employees, ex-cons records are commonly a huge red flag. But does it actually have to be? Individuals who have been convicted to a crime and jailed have paid for their offense. Therefore, ex-cons are usually willing and grateful to endeavor for a second chance. Although employing ex-cons can be a risk, there are a number of reasons to think about considering that risk. The reasons include:

Helping the ex-cons will help the community taking that as many as 50 percent of ex-prisoners are unemployed. Therefore, if they are unable to get legal paying jobs, they are far more possibly to return to criminal life. Considering a chance on an individual with a criminal record can help make certain that on the narrow and straight, and may help him to pressure his family members and friends to stay behind on a positive path.

Besides, ex-cons are hungry for work since most employers decline from taking chance on former criminals. A study shows that only small percentage of employers was willing and ready to accept applications from ex-cons. Since such people know their options are partial, they are normally willing to endeavor to establish themselves, beginning from the bottom. Many of the ex-cons have even contributed in training sessions in prison that could offer them exceptional qualifications for a profession at your company.

Additionally, ex-cons whose offences are long in the past create no bigger risk than people in the entire community. Therefore, for a person arrested for aggravated offense, the danger to employees varnished after four years with no succeeding illegal activity. Thus, many ex-cons are fully competent of liberating themselves for stupid acts in their youth, and are justifying of employment prospects. For example when it comes to employing an ex-con, it never hurts to be vigilant. Therefore, you will want intimately to observe your new employer, and ascertain that your employee is not operating in an area of the company where his offense earlier could be. For instance, if a new hire was jailed for money valet, you actually don’t want him operating in your finance section. On the other hand, if you are enthusiastic to take a chance on somebody with a tartan past, you could offer someone essential tools to change his life.

Question 4

In implementing a strategy on retaining employees the following questions should be answered?

  1. Do you expect mediocrity or high performance from the employees?
  2. Do you see employers viable for the success of the business?
  3. What are the customers’ expectations?

Question 5

Hiring workers is just a beginning to initiating a sturdy work force. Therefore, employers should work hard to maintain them so that they do not quit their jobs. High turnover of the employees costs entrepreneurs in productivity and time. Thus, to retain them employers should offer competitive repayment packages that cater for the employees needs. This can be done by ensuring that a retirement saving plan, health insurance and life insurance is necessary in retaining employees. However, other perks, for instance telecommuting option and flextime, go a long way to confirm to employees that you are enthusiastic to cater for their outside lives.

Secondly, employers should conduct some interviews among their employees. This is necessary to perform to have knowledge of why the employees are quitting the company. Additionally, employers should consider asking them why they stay in the company. Employers should ask questions such as: Why have you retained? Why would you improve or change? Why would you choose to operate here? What would make you quit?

Question 6

Apparently drivers need to be properly selected before assigned jobs in any industry. Therefore, there are some systems that aid in making the selection successful and ensuring that only drivers with genuine qualifications are considered. The inspection selection system is a verdict-aid for business vehicle roadside vehicle/driver safety examinations which steers safety check-ups in selecting drivers and vehicles for examination. Besides, the Inspection Selection Safety System gives three tiered advice such as inspection warranted between 75-100, optional selection between 50-74 and inspection not warranted 1-49. In this system, all vehicles and drivers have an inspection value. Therefore, when the value is indicated, there is a message that is displayed that indicates on the accuracy of the inspection based on lack of safety or SafeStat results on performance data.

In the field of human resource department, the inspection should be done accurately to ensure that the drivers are fully qualified with genuine qualifications. Therefore, the drivers should be free from criminal offenses in order to serve the society in a most convenient and legal manner. Besides, the drivers should portray a positive aspect towards the customers in their fields to ensure a good customer care.


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