Explain how you would apply the American University Preparatory Program experience in your future education endeavors?

Application of the American Preparatory Program Experience in Future Endeavors

The American Preparatory Program Experience is essential in determining the path the future of the individuals that partake it takes follows. American Preparatory Programs are structured to equip the learner with different skills sets that are aimed at making it easier for them to achieve their ambitions and goals in life. While some individuals may fail to take advantage of this courses, some maximize the learning’s obtained from the programs to ensure they curve a niche for themselves and place themselves in a manner to have fulfilling futures.

In my case, I aim to enroll for the TOEFL program in preparation for pursuit of my higher Education endeavors in the United States of America. In a nutshell, TOEFL is a test mostly administered to individuals from non-English speaking countries who intend to enroll in institutions or organizations where English is the first language. As such, preparation for the tests helps equip the learner with basic but critical English speaking and comprehension skills that will make their stay in the English speaking country as comfortable as possible and also to ensure they go about their business without the fear that there will be language barriers or misunderstandings between them and the native English speaking population who are the majority in the foreign country. Therefore the preparatory programs are useful not only in student life but also eve after an individual graduates and joins the labor market.

The most significant application of TOEFL is ensuring that I am accepted into any university of choice regardless of my nationality. This will facilitate my future education endeavors as it will ensure that I enroll to an institution of higher learning of choice as well as pursue a degree program of choice. Some students’ morale to lean and achieve their dreams is killed by the fact that they cannot enroll to their universities of choice and pursue their courses of choice and thus they feel trapped in whatever course/institution they are assigned. Thus, the American Preparatory Program Experience will ensure I have morale to pursue my higher education by ensuring that I enroll to the institution and education program of choice.

TOEFL will also be useful in my future education endeavors as it will ensure that I communicate better with the tutors and students. While preparing for the test, I will be required to practice my comprehension of the foreign countries English pronunciation in the oral tests as well as spellings in the written tests. This will be especially useful in my future education endeavors in ensuring that I am able to communicate effectively with my tutors and peers and also facilitate my comprehension of the course material. Breakdown in communication in a school setting often leads to failure in exams as students do not understand the course material during lectures or the requirements in examinations.

Most importantly, the TOEFL tests will prepare me to ensure that I am in a position to seamlessly integrate with the natives/resident students at the institution of higher learning and thus ensure I do not feel out of place. Blending in with other students will ensure that I am able to focus on studying to pass my exams without having to worry about social relationships with other students and thus ensures foreign students begin their educational journey as soon as possible.


Sharifian, F. (2009). English as an International Language: Perspectives and Pedagogical Issues. New York: Multilingual Matters.


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