Explain what you want to study in the U.S., why participation in this program is important to you, and how it will advance your career and life.

Application Essay

I have always admired how certain leaders handle their staff with respect and dignity. The way they get the best out of the workers and the kind of dedication and respect they get from them is a quality I envy and would love to emulate. Growing up, some of the leaders I encountered were the bossy type. They were the kind of leaders that keep yelling at the workers, and this gave me a very negative perspective on what it was like to be a leader. That has changed now as I have encountered leaders with great and admirable personalities. The main reason I never hesitated to apply for this program is because I have always wanted to become a better leader everywhere I am and in everything I do. I want to demystify leadership in my country because it has taken a contrary context from what I believe it should. Luckily, with the prospect of undertaking this program in the US, I am optimistic that my dream will come true.

Our country has lost a lot of valuable time in terms of development having gone through long periods of war and instability. A young nation like ours needs visionary, energetic and sincere leaders with great skills and passion to stand out in their respective areas of influence and contribute actively to the nation building. Our country needs visionary and sincere leaders in all the sectors of governance in order to try to make up for the time we lost during the war. Leadership demands great responsibility and accountability. It is a position of laying out visions, setting standards, inspiring people, influencing and bringing a positive change. Enrolling in a transformative leadership program in the US, a country that has produced some of the best and world renowned leaders in social, economic and political spheres, would be a great achievement for me. As the program purposes, I hope to gain the skills to drive significant changes in Kosovo.

I have always studied and admired the American culture greatly. Enrolling in this program will give me an opportunity to experience it firsthand. The culture, the food, a different time zone and a variety of historical sites are all very intriguing adventures that I would like to experience. The US enjoys a massive number of international students and enjoys a rich cultural diversity. I hope to meet and make friends from all over the world. The invaluable global networks that I will have created by the time I head back home will be inevitably cherished. If possible, in future I would love to engage and expand trade ties with these people which will boost our country’s economy. I also hope to share with them my country’s rich culture as I continue to learn that of the US.

This program will also impact my personal life greatly. Studying outside my country will grant me an opportunity to get out of my cocoon. Going through an entire cycle of life in the same country limits and confines someone’s perspective to a small margin which shields one from maturing more. Living away from the people I have known since I was a kid will bring out the maturity, determination and independence in me. Adaptation is an invaluable attribute in the world today. Most important, with globalization and learning to adapt to a new setting will help me a lot. America is a global leader in technology and this will be an area I would love to gain some insight from and probably take that with me back home on completion of the program.

Higher learning institutions in America are known to be some of the best in the world. I hope to make use of the modern facilities in the best way possible. Getting an opportunity to be in an American university will expose me to some of the best instructors in the world. This will set me apart professionally and will be a great stepping stone towards developing my leadership skills. The world is opening up and with global trade gaining momentum, employers are looking for people with international experience and with excellent communication skills. Studying in America will grant me an opportunity to hone my English language skills, which is the global business language.

Studying in an international institution of higher learning will strengthen my resume and make me stand out once I return home. My drive to undertake the transformative leadership program and specifically in America is to develop and sharpen my productivity and play my part in rebuilding Kosovo. I hope to acquire as much knowledge as possible and to pass it on to the people I will have left back home. Upon completion of the program, I hope to be more visionary, have the skills to inspire those visions, motivate my workforce and have the skills to manage the delivery of those visions. By so doing, I will have met the requirements of this program. What inspires me most about this program is the skills I will get from it and the fact that it is happening in America. I really look forward to getting the opportunity to undertake it.


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