Summary and Analysis of Grigsby’s Argument





Painting is a form of art that helps artists to express their inner feelings and emotions. The sections of this paper will discuss on the arguments presented by Grigsby on the painting of “the intervention of the Sabine women” which was created by Jacques-Louis David.

In summary of the history of art, Jacques-Louis David was one of the most renowned artists in the society. During his time in prison, he was able to put up a painting from his imaginative and creative mind (Grigsby, 319). The painting which was known as “the intervention of the Sabine women” presented men in the society negatively. David presented the men in his painting as being nude which was not an acceptable thing in the society. Despite, the panting hanging in various museums in the society today, it raises controversial issues which are worth investigation. This is the reason, why Gitsby was concerned about the image portrayed by the painting. First off, Gitsby is much concerned about the reasons why David portrayed the men in his painting as nude while the women were well covered. Gitsby is concerned about the content of the painting since it is contrary to the societal expectations (Grigsby, 320). In light of this, she termed the painting as having been improper and historically inaccurate. Her argument seems to be solid since most of the scholars in the society were not only concerned with the issue of presenting the male gender but also on the female intervention issue. However, the two issues were both considered separately by scholars.

Gitsby shows a lot of connection that arises between artists and the people in the society. Most of the artistic works that are presented by artists to the society play a role in the process of mounding individual or social characters. In her argument, she shows that artists tend to influence the fashion of many people in the society. This has been observed in many societies where people tend to do their dressing based on some factors presented by popular artists (Grigsby, 326). Basing her argument on David’s painting, Herosilian was a woman who was likened to the real women of post-revolutionary France. According to Gitsby, David as an artists was responsible for the collapse of such popular high art and classical fashion. Herosilia as depicted by Gitsby was one of the women that dressed herself based on the female protagonist of David’s pre-revolutionary paintings (Grigsby, 329). For this reason, the presentation of the “intervention of the Sabine women’ negatively influenced people’s fashion in the society.

Further, it is evident from Gitsby’s argument that most of the art that is presented by artists arises from societal issues. The male who is presented as being nude is seen as a reflection of the modern man stripped bare, humiliated before the society due to his vulgar cultural practices. This description given by Gitsby on how the men are portrayed from their immorality is viable evidence.

In making her arguments in regard to David’s painting, she uses historical information which she relates to modern happenings. She does an analysis of the works of art that were presented in the past and how they played a role in influencing the society. Most of them influenced the society positively while some of the art led to collapse of morality among other factors in the society.

In most of her arguments, she is sure to back up the information presented with solid argument. What is likeable about her is the fact that she has an opinion which she strongly supports. All through her argument, she is focused on criticizing David’s painting in that is does not create positive impact in the society. Therefore, she is incredibly staunch in supporting her argument on the painting of “intervention of Sabine women’.

In conclusion, art should be used in the society to pass important information. As a medium of communication to the society, artists should consider the elements they use to present their intended information to their target audience. It is evident that a piece of art could cause great impact on the society either positively or negatively. For this reason, all artists should be careful in the design and presentation of their artwork to the audiences.













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