Why do People Drop out of College?

Most people drop out of college for various reasons that affect them. Some of the reasons are peer related, and others are unavoidable. The rate at which people or rather students drop out from school is increasing rapidly. Moreover, school is not taken seriously, as it was before and, therefore, there are many dropouts. Most students of nowadays do not or rather do not have their interests based on education. In addition, most students have no value in their studies anymore.

One of the main reasons for school dropouts is peer influence that is associated with the indulgent in drug dealing activities and other issues affecting peers (Russell 30). Once a peer indulges in drugs, he or she is unlikely to proceed with his or her education. Drugs affect the normal functioning of the mind as well as the behaviour of a student. Therefore, it is impossible for a student to perform well in school when he or she is indulging in drugs.

Another reason for school drop outs is the lack of interests in their respective studies. Besides, once a student lacks interest in his or her education, they lack motivating factors or rather motivating abilities in their studies. Motivation is a key factor to success in the students and students tend to withdraw once they find difficulty in a particular field of study.

Financial circumstances could also be other reasons for causing dropouts in school. A particular parent could not afford to pay fees for his or her students. Therefore, a student is forced to stay away from school, and he or she gets withdrawn from their respective schools. In most cases, these dropouts frequently occur at the university level.

















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