Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet When Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the ways of exercise and spending the leisure time. Even though this exercise is exciting, bike riding without a helmet can lead to head and brain injuries. An interesting fact is that even the experienced motorbike riders get motorcycle accidents once in a while. Therefore, it is imperative always to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle go a long way since it protects the rider from injuries that may lead to adverse health implications and sometimes death. While wearing a helmet may obstruct vision, hearing and uncomfortable, it protects the rider from sharp objects that may injure the head and neck, protects against head injuries and reduces the fall impact.

According to the studies that were conducted by Blue (34), more than 88% of the motorcycle injuries can be prevented by always wearing a helmet while riding. The head injury that results from motorbike injuries is responsible for 75% of deaths that are related to motorcycle accidents (Donahue & Masheris 43). In some cases, the head injuries as a result of not wearing a helmet may lead to head and brain injury that may permanently affect the rider.

According to Green, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle has many advantages. Firstly, the helmet helps in absorbing the energy from sharp objects. When a motorcycle rider gets accidents, there may be sharp objects that may target the head. The helmet absorbs the energy of the sharp object and reduces the impact. According to Greene (9), the helmet is made up of materials that reduce the fall impact. These materials include the polypropylene and the polystyrene that are situated between the riders head and the outer shell (Greene, 22).

Secondly, wearing a helmet saves the tax payers money. Medical bills that result from the motorcycle accidents are expensive. Some of the medical bills are paid by the government that raises the taxes. Additionally, the motorcycle accidents drive up the insurance costs. Franklin (2) indicates that injuries from the motorcycle drive up the costs of insurances that affect the people.

Many people argue that the helmets are not cool since some are large and uncomfortable, obstructs hearing and vision among other complaints. According to Franklin, wearing a helmet may not be cool but it can protect the rider from major impacts of an accident. The trauma that one gets from the motorcycle accidents cannot be compared to the few minutes of being uncomfortable. Greene says out that parents should not leave the wearing of the helmets optional even if the kids want a short drive. Wearing a helmet may save the child’s life.

From the above analysis, it is evident that the motorcycle riders should always wear helmets while riding a motorcycle. Even though the wearing of the helmet is not legally required in some states, one should always wear a helmet while riding one. Some of the states that don’t have helmet laws include Lowa, Illinois and New Hampshire does not have the helmet laws among many others. The cheap costs of the helmet cannot be equated with the major impact that can result out the motorcycle injury. Indeed, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is essential and should never be ignored.



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