Career Management Skills for GED Students

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Table of Recent Activities. 3

Analysis of the activities. 5

Literature Review.. 7

Good Communication Skills. 7

Commercial Awareness. 8

Creativity, Innovation and Good Imagination. 9

Organizational skills. 9

Leadership skills. 10

Conclusion. 10

Curriculum Vitae (CV) 11

Cover Letter 14

References. 15





The job market has become saturated with so many graduates. Therefore, one needs to stand out from the group by having the ability to show evidence of required skill and experience in that particular field. Employers, in the job description, display an affinity towards those who satisfy the specified requirements. However, candidates for the job must exhibit the skills acquired from their learning and work experiences. This paper seeks to portray the graduate skills acquired from the digital marketing graduate program and relevant job related experiences.

By undertaking a course in a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing enables the gathering of skills over the years. These skills are crucial for the achievement of success in a digital marketing career. The skills are developed from the activities and daily tasks in the university that are based on the course as well as other co-curriculum activities such as sport activities. The development of these skills is crafted by professors, colleagues, and the collective knowledge from personal experiences. Additional skills are also achieved from attachments in other business related work areas such as internships and other unrelated job experiences.

Table of Recent Activities

The following table presents the activities that have been undertaken by in the past two years that have shaped the path towards the development of relevant skills in the field of digital marketing.

Activities Carried Out in the Past Two Years
Activity Location of Undertaken Activity Assigned Position Skills Developed





University of Salford





Undergraduate Degree Student




·         Commercial Awareness

·         Organizational skills

·         Communication skills

Playing football University of Salford Team Captain ·         Teamwork

·         Communication skills

·         Leadership skills

·         Organizational skills

·         Creativity and innovation

Volunteering Volunteer Center Manchester Social media and PR Volunteer ·         Creativity and innovation

·         Communication skills

·         Commercial awareness

·         Teamwork

Internship activities such as online fashion campaign


LASULA Social media marketing intern ·         Creativity and innovation

·         Communication skills

·         Teamwork


Analysis of the activities

The activities have been carried out in the course of the past two years, which have greatly shaped the development of skills crucial in the desired digital marketing career. While undertaking the degree course in Business and Marketing, the professor at Salford University provided great insights of the marketing world. Through these insights, an understanding of the digital marketing business is availed to me, hence the ease of business dealing with business as a career. Also, by a attaining the degree, the requirement of having a understanding in marketing is achieved. In the course of study, other skills obtained from the lecturers were organizational skills, and effective and efficient communication skills that involve listening and conveying of intended messages. These skills form essential requirements of a good marketing employee. While playing football at the university, as a team captain, the leadership skills were groomed. Being a part of the team, it was crucial to be able to motivate the team to crucial wins. Delegation of tasks, coming up with strategic, creative and innovative game plans, and good communication between members when required in the match formed a foundation for the skills critical to a future in digital marketing. When working in marketing teams, such activities form an integral part of success. Leadership skills also provide platforms for becoming a digital marketing manager in the future.

Becoming a volunteer in the City of Manchester as a member of the social media marketing has enabled the provision of experience needed for the career. In addition, the skills of commercial awareness become strengthened as well as teamwork skills, creativity and innovation, and communication skills. While attending to the internship program as a social media marketing intern at LASULA, the probably most important skill was driven to a level of maturity. During the internship, commercial awareness became strengthened, providing an overview of how the world of digital marketing works. The experience provided information about what is expected of a staff member involved in marketing as well as the how these expectations are met. By integration into a marketing team in LASULA, skill provided examples of how to work with teams in creative and innovative tasks, problem solving tasks, and communication between staff members.

All the activities that have been undertaken have provided me with a certain level of competency in the digital and marketing world. I am now a recognized alumnus of the University of Salford. To begin with, I possess the required knowledge of the digital marketing profession with the ability to intelligently speculate the future situation as well as exploit the opportunities in the current situation. My know-how in internet based marketing is extensive with knowledge of all the procedures. I am adept at recognizing problems and able to solve the problems quickly by applying my creativity and innovation in conjunction with leadership, communication, and commercial awareness. I am accomplished in seeing through each and every task and capable of meeting deadlines.

Despite my level of competency, there is great room for improvement in digital marketing. Technology is one the challenges in the marketing world. Internet based technologies are dynamic. Emerging technologies, especially social media platforms require additional skills such as the understanding programming languages. Therefore, having added abilities in programming give an individual the upper hand while competing for common position. Another challenge is the saturation of graduates in the job market with more skills and long years of experience. Therefore, future plans have been made to acquire a Masters Degree Program in a recognized university in England as well as attainment of a diploma in Information technologies within the next six years. This timeline is sufficient to enable juggling between education and a job.

Literature Review

Potential candidates in the marketing industry need a wide range mix of skills to succeed. Evidence of the expertise must be portrayed. The skills adopted from the graduate program in Internet Marketing provide a great opportunity for showcasing the competence in undertaking the tasks in digital marketing work. These skills are acquired through the day-to-day activities in the university as well as from the attached positions with similar tasks in the business world. An array of such skills can be presented to the employer may provide an upper hand and attract favor. A critical analysis of these skills is discussed in the following literature review.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential in all professions that potential candidates may wish to venture into. Communication skills encompass both verbal and written communication. Its utilities in the job market include writing messages, reading, exemplary oral presentation and listening. A good communicator requires having the capabilities of tailoring messages to the targeted audience, and also being a good listener of other people’s views. Business management and educators’ perception of communication skills is that they are beneficial to both the employees and organizations (Conrad & Newberry, 2011, p. 5). Conrad and Newberry, in their research, they identified from various sources that communication skills are essential for success in one’s career and is also an important contributor in organizational success. Through the application good communication skills in digital marketing teams, information exchange with clients, and with the targeted consumers, great working relationships can be fostered. Good communication skills also enable the application of other relevant skills such as problem solving, strengthening commercial awareness by listening to others (especially professionals), and organizational skills.

Commercial Awareness

Possessing knowledge critical to success and running of the digital marketing industry and the profession as well is a highly valuable skill. Understanding the operations of a business and the entire industry is important to both the employee and the organization. By knowing how the job and industry ticks, a potential candidate is in an advantageous position. Understanding the business by getting familiar with the services provided by the business, understanding the procedures and tasks undertaken, and getting to know how the business operates in the market, can aid potential candidates to predict the future of the business. An individual can give intelligent speculations about the business if he or she possesses the skill of commercial awareness. This is made possible by understanding the history of marketing, the current situation and emerging trends in the internet marketing business. Commercial awareness needs to be developed in the university by integrating workplace focused activities in the curriculum so as students may be prepared for the job. According to (Wilkinson & Aspinall, 2007) there appears to have positive relationship between the salaries earned by respondents who claimed commercial awareness skills was the most essential skills they earned from the university. Therefore, it means that those who value commercial awareness have a high probability of succeeding in their jobs and careers.

Creativity, Innovation and Good Imagination

Currently, a crucial role is played by creative advertising in the marketing sector. Having the skill of a good imagination, creativity, and an innovative mind, the result is becoming a pioneer in marketing strategies and ideas. Application of creativity and innovation in the digital marketing world helps in devising new and fresh ideas and new ways of achieving those ideas respectively (Terkan, 2014, p. 243). Terken argues that the reason why certain marketing agencies are preferred to others is due to the creativity and innovation aspects. The reason behind this phenomenon is due to the use of originality and the ability to provide the alternative means of meeting the perceived expectations. Therefore, by portraying these skills in the internet marketing profession, a potential candidate has high chances of success in the career. Creativity and innovation have formed part of the success factors of an organization through problem solving and obtaining a competitive advantage.

Organizational skills

The skills of planning activities, prioritizing them and working them out effectively and efficiently within a particular time constraints is a highly desirable feature employers look for in potential candidates. Time management is a skill exhibited by organized individuals. The digital marketing profession requires someone who is able to identify which tasks need to focus on first and get them done within the limitation of time, hence meeting the deadlines. Liu and colleagues identified the organizational skills as the top ten desirable skills for marketing staff at the entry level (Liu, et al., 2011, p. 215). By application of the organizational skills of the employees the result is a marketing business that focuses on tasks according to priority and always meets the deadline. Consequently, the business becomes desirable to clients.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills may not require immediate application in the entry-level digital marketing profession. However, aspiring candidates for the job must exhibit a potential of being a leader in the profession. Such skill can be portrayed by becoming a good example in the workplace, motivation of teams, and assigning and delegation of duties in the business. According to Liu’s article, leadership falls under the category of the most highly ranked skill in marketing managers (Liu, et al., 2011). Exhibiting the traits of a good leader, employers have high confidence in the individual. The goal of leadership in an organization is to surpass the expected achievement based on the other available inputs in the organization (Ballantyne, 2012, p. 2). The leadership qualities have great influence on the potential candidate’s ambition of gaining promotion and succeeding in making the profession a career. Such skills can be obtained by participation in teamwork practices where the experiences gained its team activities provide essential knowledge in management and crucial in decision-making processes.


The graduate skills acquired from the learning experience at the University of Salford have been highly beneficial. The graduate skill has been provided by the curriculum activities as well as the supplementary activities. They include communication skills, leadership skills, commercial awareness, organizational skills, and creativity and innovation. These skills provide the expected features of an employee that are desired by employees. They are the key to the success in the digital marketing career as well as the desired organization.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Charles Mason

Andrew St, Failsworth M35


Tel: 079945673625

Education and qualifications

2011 – 2014:   University of Salford

Bachelors Degree in Business and Marketing

2009 – 2011:   Chorlton High School, Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

A-levels: Design and Technology (ICT), Physical Education, General Studies and Biology.

2004 – 2009:   Chorlton CE Primary School, Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

GCSE’s : 9 grade A- C

Skills profile

Communication and presentation

  • I have developed good oral and writing communication skills from my learning experience though my contribution in lecture and seminars, as well as class work presentation. During my activities as a team captain and during interviews for volunteer work, I have been described as a confident presenter.

Creative and Innovative

  • As a captain of the football team, I was once presented with a situation where a member of the team was slightly injured after all the substitutions had been made. Being the captain, I was able to organize the team to have more resilience by asking a team player to move back and play the game with five defenders and then asked the fastest player of the team to play offensive at the midfield position and play counter-attacking football. Eventually, went ahead to win the match.


  • As the team leader of the university football team, our football team came in third in the university league. Through my role in motivation and team organization, the team performance was exemplary.
  • Currently, I am a team leader of the marketing team in the Volunteer Center Manchester.

Work experience

July 2015 – Present:    Social media marketing Intern, LASULA.

I started the six months internship program in LASULA as a Social media marketing intern with roles in coming up with creative and innovative advertising solutions through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Summer 2010:             Customer service assistant, Chorlton Recreational Center

My role in this temporary position involved handling the issues presented by the club members regarding the state of the facilities as well as the nuisance reported through social media platforms. The environment was a busy one and required good skills to ensure excellent services.

Summer 2009:             Retail assistant, Fashion20, Chorlton.

This temporary position involved the assistance of customers to getting the trendy fashion products in clothing, ensuring the labels were correctly placed, and ensuring restocking of clothes. In this I learnt how to interact with people from different ages.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Football team – University team captain (2013 – 2014).
  • Volunteering at the Volunteer Center Manchester.
  • Swimming team member at the Chorlton Recreation Center.


  1. Professor Brandon Matthews, Dean of Studies – Business School, University of Salford.

Email address:

Telephone number: +44 (0) 161 295 4545

  1. Sally Gilberts, Marketing Manager – LASULA

Email address:

Telephone number: 0161 245 4367

  1. John Brown, Director – Volunteer Center Manchester

Email Address:

Telephone number: 0161 473 9563

Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you with the purpose of enquiring if your company has any vacancies in digital marketing positions. I enclose my curriculum vitae for your information.

As from the information provided, I have had extensive knowledge in marketing, specifically in internet based marketing. I have also had good working relationships in several positions giving me valuable skills and the capability to perform and work with various kinds of people. I believe I can perfectly fit in your organization’s management team. I am an excellent individual who has a knack for the little details and works hard to achieve my goals. I am an accommodating person, quick to acquire new expertise, flexible and eager to gain and adopt new information from others. I also have good creative and innovative skills with great ideas and the enthusiasm to prosper in the digital marketing business. I am keen to work for a high profile company with a reputable name in the business world like yours.

I would be happy to have a discussion with you regarding any available slot in your company. I have excellent references available for any questions and clarifications. In case you do not have any vacancies available currently, it would be very delighting for me if you held on my curriculum vitae on your files in case the possibility of a future position arises

Yours sincerely,

Charles Mason.


Ballantyne, S., 2012. Leadership decision-making utilizing a strategic focus to enhance global achievement. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, Volume 11, pp. 1-6.

Conrad, D. & Newberry, R., 2011. 24 Business Communication Skills: Attitudes of Human Resource Managers versus Business Educators. American Communication Journal, 13(1), pp. 4-23.

Liu, S.-N., Lin, Y.-T. & Chen, Y.-C., 2011. Professional competencies for marketing managers in Taiwan: an application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, 9(4), pp. 215-220.

Terkan, R., 2014. Importance of Creative Advertising and Marketing According to University Students’ Perspective. International Review of Management and Marketing, 4(3), pp. 239-246.




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