Want To Live Forever? Do Not Die Yet

The future is inevitable, and it is always impossible to tell what will happen next. Scientists in the past have tried to use their knowledge to predict the future, but their theories have failed them more often than they have been successful. All the same, am sure of a future with a new world, immortal and lacking privacy.

I love the earth, in fact, it has been my only home, but tomorrow am moving out to a new world. Given the rate that humans are reproducing at, the search for a new home is inevitable. According to the latest UN figures on population, by 2100 the population of the world is predicted to be approximately 9.7 billion people (Esa.un.org 1). What about a millennium later? As more and more are born, the more they will bear, and shortly the earth will be overcrowded, and we will be restricted to minute spaces to create the room for others. A new world will be a remedy. This world will be formless but habitable. There will be no struggles of this world we live. Space ships will take people from earth to this new world. The elite will inhabit it and those who wish to live on this earth will not be stopped. Where will you be?

Tomorrow I will be three hundred and eighteen years, please come and join me as I celebrate my birthday. That will be a common phrase in the future as people will live long just like the likes of Noah in the Bible. Death will be rare. This will be greatly enhanced by the unending medical research that is tailored to try and improve the lifespan of human beings. Advancements in health, genome science, technology, and medicine will lead to immortality. In fact, some people are of the same idea. Their only flaw is they believe the oldest will be aged one hundred and sixty-four years (Duncan 1). Nanotechnology will be the basis for every medical procedure. Nano chips will perform surgery in our bodies. No one will die young, and people will live to see their nth generations.

In future, there will be no privacy. In today’s world, the level of intelligence and individual surveillance is already questioning if privacy exists anymore. In the future, I believe that everything that people do will be monitored. Much more advanced tools will replace the modern methods such as the use of cameras, facial recognition, and biometric identification. The; who, what, where, when, why and how of every aspect of the human life will be monitored closely by government and security agencies.

Some will argue it is against their rights (Grossman and Hogge 1). Everything about us including health, habits and health will be translated to data. Surprisingly, no one will tell when they are being spied. Even their wildest dreams that might not be known by the dreamer will be known by others through Nano chips in the brain that can form visual images of what is going on in your head. Genomes of children will be sequenced before they are even born. Perhaps most of a child and what they will become will be known even before they are born. There will be no hiding.

It is hard to be unable to tell what your future will be. It is even harder to imagine that you may not see tomorrow. The thought of an immortal and new world fascinates me. Although not everything will be perfect, I would give up my privacy just to live in the future. I am just hoping I live to see this future.
















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