Diary of Volunteer project at IVC CDC






Diary of Volunteer project at IVC CDC

10am March. 9th 2015

Painting and Drawing room.

Sunny day!

The teacher, Sam prepared painting materials. Children were grouped in pairs of five. I saw children hold different painting brushes. Children painted images of elephants, lions and zebras. The teacher moved from each group to group guiding and directing them. The children looked happy and focused.

10am March. 16th 2015

Class J

Windy day!


Children are thought how to become confident learners. I saw children learn how to address others with confidence. Shy children are encouraged to make simple presentations in front of the class. The teacher, Mary, discourages others from booing or jeering.

10am March. 23rd2015

Games room.

Cloudy day!


Children are in their games kits. Theyrun, jump and dance. The teacher makes them compete in races. Other children do fitness exercises of stretching.

10am March. 30th 2015

Blue room

Rainy day!

Children practice singing and playing musical instruments. Some children are being thought to play violin and piano.

10am April. 6th 2015

Class M.

Windy day!

Children are being thought math. They learn how to count numbers. The teacher makes them count items in computing math of addition and subtraction. Most children keeping forgetting but the teacher keeps reminding them how to count.

10am April. 13th 2015

Dining Hall.

Windy day!

Children gather for nutritious meals. They get served healthy meals and snacks. Some prefer different meals from the rest. The chefs serve a balanced diet to every child.

10am April. 20th 2015

Class K.

Cloudy day!


Children are being thought how to memorize and master spelling. The teacher uses different memorization techniques to make the children remember things. Theteacher also uses memorization devices such as pneumonic devices and rehearsal.

10am April. 27th 2015

Red room

Sunny day!

All the children gather and go outside to play. I saw children making doll houses and building houses. For boys, playing with cars and building trucks, making the sound of a racing cars.

Volunteer Project at IVC CDC

For the past eight weeks I have had the privilege of meeting different elementary teachers and attended their classes to observe the behaviors and actions of the children. I met children and teachers from diverse cultures and behavior. I also happened to join in on some activities that they engaged in.My meeting always started at 10 am every week and lasted for two hours.

I learned that the children enjoyed painting and drawing in pairs under their teacher’sguidance. I happened to show a particularboy, Kim how to paint a zebra. The teachers are from time to time involved in building the children’s confidence levels. They use a number of methods to make children more confident such as encouraging them to present in front of their peers and also discouraging booing and jeering.They are taken through the process of becoming confident learners. Teachers take their confidence to the next level with hands-on education.

Due to cases of poor health and obesity, the teachers take the children for fitness exercises such as running, jumping up and down and dancing. I happened to group the children in competing groups for races that turned out to be fun. They are also allowed to play with toys and cars outside. The boys ride to cars. Furthermore, children are also allowed to have singing classes and play with a wide range of musical instruments such as violins and piano at the ages of 5-10 years.

The problem of poor nutrition is addressed by all the children being given adequate balanced diet. I joined the children in their dining room and loved the variety of meals they eat.

Our program balances these subjects with opportunities for independent exploration – and a healthy dose of running, jumping and dancing. Lastly I was amazed how the teachers teach math and help the children memorize and not forget math problems and spelling mistakes. A number of methods such as rehearsals and pneumonic devices are used. This proved to be an effective means of learning since most children grasped things faster.


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