The endurance fight to conquer failure and earn money

Thick face black face is life-inspiring book by a Chinese writer. The writer begins by illustrating how a fellow Chinese writer Lee influenced his line of thought. This book has all the motivation that one needs to succeed in life. The writer does not dwell on his thoughts but triggers the reader to look at life at a different perspective. The writer borrows his title from the Chinese writer, Lee, his book Thick Black Theory. The writer intrigues the reader to be inspired by looking at his experiences and mastering the need to change their lives. Thick is defined as a state where one conceals their will from others, whereas black is when one imposes their will on another (Chu). The writer embarks on the journey of success by empowering the reader to soul search, and find their strength rather than fulfilling people’s expectations. The writer assures the reader that the book cuts across all sections of life and is used by all sorts of people in life, businesspeople, doctors, engineers. The book dwells on life motivation topics such as the magical power to endurance and the mystery of money. This book intrigues so much change in a person by dwelling on their inner state, and one will change their way of thought at the end of it.

Endurance is the ability to withstand stressful moments where one is at the verge of giving up. There are many trying moments in business. My goal in business is to be a leading international restaurant in dessert recipes. For any dessert to taste good, it needs good ingredients that are mostly costly. This in turn makes the purchase of good dessert expensive. Many restaurants today are failing in making desserts because of their expensive nature (Wright and Bligh). The major challenge that I will face is to convince customers that the dessert is worth their money. This is a tough task but worth a try. My weakness is that I do not have convincing power. To convince my customers I’ll need to hire salesmen. The salesmen will help out in convincing the customers. The SWOT analysis (fact) is vital in any business. Now that I am aware of my weakness, the salesmen will help me out on it. Once the customers are convinced that the dessert is worth it, then what will deter them from purchasing it? This will take quite a while, though, and will need tough moments of endurance. Thick face black heart will give motivation and all reasons to endure.

Thick face black heart inspires me not to give up. Self-believe is what is important. One needs to establish their goal and define it. This is what will lead them to success. I already have a goal and am determined to pursue it, and then success is own my way. The Pung bird has to fly up 90,000 kilometers so that its wings are supported (Chu). The bird never gives up even when it makes no visible progress. After six whole months, it achieves its goal and is now able to enjoy its surrounding. It never listens to the criticism of the other birds. This inspires me not to give up, my goal should be my motivation. No matter how long the business will take before it picks up, I should not give up. Just like the Pung bird, success is possible when one allows nothing to deter them from their goal, masters the courage to pursue it, does not give up and does not pay attention to negative criticism. The business will have a tough start, but that does not mean it will never pick up. Whenever am at the verge of giving up, Thick face black heart reminds me that endurance is the key to success.

Another challenge that the business will endure will be the highest initial cost and long periods of a non-profit. The beginning of a business is characterized by heavy advertisements and many promotions. This will cost much. The business will, therefore, have to undergo the long period of non-profit since it is a long-term investment (Wright and Bligh). For how long the non-profit period will last is indefinite. The aim of starting a business is making a profit along with other goals. A lot of endurance will be needed during this time. Thick face black heart will serve as my motivation. When I look at Abraham Lincoln, am reminded that I should not give up. Abraham Lincoln kept on failing and trying. He endured all the criticism that came his way. He endured the long period of struggle before his success but got success at last (Chu). The major key to success always turns out to be endurance. Just like any other successful person, I will endure. Endurance is vital when it comes to success and whoever masters it never goes unrewarded.

Another challenge that the business will face is keeping up with the demand once the business catches up and managing the funds. All this requires the inner and outward battle fought for money, in order to claim the reward for a fair exchange value and being gentle on the money (Chu). I am fighting my inner battle by refusing to be poor and using my talent of making dessert recipes by raising an income out of it. My greatest strength is determination. I was not a great performer in math (Personal testimonial). I was among the worst performers in my class. When I was tired of being the laughing stock, I worked so hard to improve my math grade. I worked closely with the performers and my grades did improve. The determination that I have to achieve my goal will help be win the inner battle with ease. The outward battle will need to be fought daily since the dynamics of business change (Wright, Scott, and Bligh Grant). For instance, when the business catches up, my plan is to embark on delivery orders. Many businesses rise to the top and crumble down after a while. Their downfall is mainly characterized by fund mismanagement. A perfect example is Ivan a, a businessman who embarked on business enterprises that rose to the top and he watched them crumble down (Chu). Ivan’s downfall was due to increased consumption as his income increases. In order to succeed, I’ll have to embrace great discipline on money and the Thick face black heart will help me to embrace this.

The mystery of money in Thick face black heart explains how money can be managed without losing its grip. Time will need to be sacrificed for the success of the restaurant. Am willing to spend less time with friends in order to bring success into the business. Thick face black heart will give me the technique to balance between my life and business. The excitement that comes with achieving success and getting money needs to be managed. My weakness is being a spendthrift. I indulge in heavy impulse buying. Increasing expenditure as income increases is a sure way to failure. A financial assistance will be needed to help in this. June who was employed by Bob lost her job because of her desire for money that she was unable to control(Chu). I will need to go easy on the money and have the wisdom to manage. Thick face black is the right tool to use, it affects all the knowledge on how to manage money and embrace discipline in the face.

Endurance is part of success. Enduring cuts across all corners of life, be it athletics, business, education, and religious life. For enduring to bear success, it has to be attached to a goal. The goal is the motivation to endure enduring. Endurance is like the wages to success. Only the brave master it and its only they that enjoy its fruit. Statistics show that 80% of the successful people today had to go through endurance moments. The targeted fruits of my endurance are money. The inner and outward battles that come with money have to be fought. It depends with how well a fighter you are. The more you fight the more fruits you bear but care has to be taken to avoid squeezing the money too tight because it will slip out of the hand. Success depends on how much will an individual has and the endurance he wills to put in.

In conclusion, for one to succeed in whatever sector of life then they have to master endurance in their life. Endurance is the key factor to achieve a well-planned goal with a definite strategy. While everyone desires to have wealth, learning to manage it becomes vital in order to experience the sweetness of success. No matter how much knowledge one is impacted with, the desire to implement the knowledge will only come from within, prior to that, one’s life will remain in the position.












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Wright, Scott, and Bligh Grant. “Niche marketing organic wines: ethical dilemmas and the importance of stewardship as the foundation of sustainable business.” Australasian Agribusiness Perspectives 19 (2011): 1-6.


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