Bacon, Boyle and Galileo











Bacon, Boyle and Galileo


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Question 1

Human beliefs and attitudes towards harms have changed over the years. In the past people believed that occurrences of misfortunes was a part of life and therefore learned to live with such problems. However, currently there has been a change in attitudes as improved technology has made the availability of various products easier. In the case of a phone, one will react by getting another or avoiding the use of phones all together. One can accept such misfortunes as part of life and learn to live by them. However, another individual can be saddened by such an unfortunate occurrence.

Question 2

Morality is deemed to demand require faith in God in the afterlife. Human beings must therefore believe in the existence of God since the requirements of morality might be too much to bear for every normal individual. Another advantage that was identified related in compliance with the Divine Command Theory is that it provides metaphysical foundation for morality and therefore for those who believe in the existence of moral truths, such truths will fit well within atheistic frameworks.

Question 3

There are various forms of induction processes that an individual can go through in their quest to survive. In all cases however, there are usually laid down procedures and practices that all individuals must adhere to when they consider being inducted into any existing system. Bacon identified the high quality induction and mentoring as the alternative to traditional induction.

Question 4

Syllogism refers to a kind of argument that applies deductive argument in order to arrive at a conclusion that is based on two or more propositions that are considered to be true. In the earlier times, it referred to a combination between general statement, otherwise known as the major premise and the specific statement or the minor premise. It was from the two premises that the conclusions were deduced. In conclusion it can be stated that syllogism consists of three parts namely the major premise, minor premise and conclusion.

Question 5

Several idols have been identified in relation t the mind. For example, the idol of the Tribe is deemed as deceptive beliefs that are inherent to the mind of a man and the entire human race. They are abstractions in error and arise from common tendencies that include exaggeration, distortion and disproportion. As such, men gazing at the stars are beloved to perceive the order of the world but are not contemplate to contemplate what is seen. This idol forms the basis of Bacon’s epitaph that states that “Let all compounds be dissolved”

Question 6

There are various theories that believed the world was held together by atoms. The mature Boyle however identified atomism to be related to Epicureans. The former attempted to play down the differences between the plenists and the vacuists. Boyle on the other hand was less committed on atomism but was wary enough of the need to make his view clear with regard to Epicurean atomism.

Question 7

By embracing mechanical philosophy, he did not suppose that God had put the entire mass of mass of matter an invariable quantity of motion, he therefore needed to do more for the universe. The philosophy teaches that God gave motion to matter and that physically produced phenomena of the world have chemical properties of matter and as such operate on ne another according to the mechanical laws, it is as such recommended by the intelligibleness or clearness of its principles and explanations. However, the followers of alchemists, chymists are puzzled at the definitions and account for their principles as consistent with one another.

Question 8

Galileo and Descartes were the some of the greatest mechanical philosophers. According to them, all objects were composed of atoms which interacted with eacth other based fixed natural laws.

Question 9

According to the true theory of philosophy, if the moon and the earth are not retained by animal force or some equivalent force, then the earth would \ascend towards the moon and the moon would subsequently fall towards the earth. Descartes accepted a heliocentric universe but admitted to believing that a theory of the tide must have been closely related to the moon. Newton later proved that vortex motion requires period of revolution at various radial distances to be proportional to the square of the radial distance. A pair E35-NE35 is given by Newton who claims that Descartes violated observed astronomical fact in requiring the earth to move slowly towards the sun.

Question 10

Mechanical philosophy discussed the various factor surrounding motion and therefore it was critical for the lecturer to identify the reasons behind the heart’s pulsability and pulsifying characteristics.

Question 11

In the philosophy of the mind, dualism refers to position that mental phenomena are in some respect non-physical and that the mind and the body are not identical. As such, it attempts to formulate an explanation to highlight the relationship between the mind and the body and entails other factors such as       physicals and negativism. It is closely related to some philosophical beliefs that the mind is nonphysical and therefore a non-spatial substance. If the unconscious mind can exist independently, one must therefore be able to explain how physical memories concerning consciousness can be created. As such, the concept of dualism can be used to explain the existence of mechanical philosophy and the influence of spirits.

Question 12

According to Boyle, our inner lack of knowledge regarding the inner workings of a thing. we are therefore not able to conceive modus of a thing in general and the possibility of it. As such, it is therefore seems repugnant to the nature of things that an immaterial substance not being penetratable can reject the motion of a body. The notion of solidity refers to the nature of the human body for uniformity. Locke states that solidity consists of repletion which refers to a condition of being filled up. We therefore need to make two f his claims about the repletion. To begin with, we distinguish it from impenetrability and secondly that is perceivable. Additionally, solidity conveys something positive while impenetrability is negative.

The philosopher begins by ascertaining that all philosophy must follow or be in reasoning of someone else. Thereafter he proceeds to the issue at hand which refers to proving that motion causes heat. He rejects the common belief the heat is genuine or a primary quality. When highlighting the corporeal substance, he identifies various characteristics that are necessary and this includes the shape and size as well as an object that occupies space and has matter.

Question 14

Galileo had previously stated that heat was not a primary quality and as such had to be caused by certain factors. He proceeded to indicate the various characteristics that applied to corporeal substance and these are such as the shape. By analyzing the conditions stated for the formation of heat we can conclude that the neck was likely to generate heat due to its shape and the motions involved in movement.

Question 15

Delusion is a factor that has attracted a high level of psychiatric research with regards to etiology, pathogenesis and forensic relevance. A primary substance is an independent object that is composed of matter and characterized to form. Secondary substances are those of larger groups.



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