Interview with a Nursing Information Expert

Interview with a Nursing Information Expert

Interviewer Form

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Directions: After completing your interview, you must use this form to submit your assignment to the Dropbox.You may usethe form to capture information as you conduct your interview, or fill it in later. The form is expandable and will enlarge the textbox to accommodate your answers. Do not rely only on this form for everything you must include! Please look in Doc Sharing for specific instructionsin the Guidelines for this assignment.


Criteria Fill in the answers in this column.
Demographics: Provide initials of the RN, official job title of interviewee, and the date the interview was conducted. Job Title: Nursing Informatics Expert

Interview Date: 8th February 2016

Required Questions

(answer EVERY question in this section)

1.    Describe your career path to your current position. Include information about education and experiences. The interviewee was eloquent while responding to the question about career path. First, he claimed that landing in a nursing career was the best thing that happened in his life. He was happy to have been working with famous hospital and helping patients. The interviewee had a Masters degree in Informatics. He stated that he acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and decided to pursue Masters in Informatics in order to become a Nurse Informatics specialist. He also obtained a registered nurse license that enabled him to serve as a nurse. After serving as a nurse he decided to undertake a master’s degree in order to become an informatics specialist. He has served for ten years in the same position. He is certified by ANCC. On top of clinical experience the interviewer worked for 5 years with healthcare software vendor. Experience with software vendor enables him to implement and design clinical documentation, clinical systems and electronic health records.
2.    Discuss the value of best evidence as a driving force in delivery of nursing care at your facility. The interviewee claimed that, the healthcare facility is the best because healthcare professional together with the management works to deliver high quality care to the patients. Nurses are committed to ensure client recovery. Through the use of current technology, the nurses are able to provide sufficient care to the patients.
3.    What safeguards and decision-making support tools are embedded in patient care technologies and information systems that support safe practice at your facility? The decision making and safeguards support tool used in the facility include computerized reminders and alerts to patients and healthcare professionals, diagnostic support, clinical guidelines, focused data summaries and reports for patients and documentation templates.
4.    Tell me about patient care technologies that have improved patient care at your facility. The interviewee claimed that there a variety of technologies used in provision of care at the hospital. The care technologies mentioned include connected cardiac care, partner’s eCare, electronic health records, barcode medication systems and text messaging programs.
5.    What groups of healthcare workers rely on you to collect high quality information/data and how is that information utilized? The group of healthcare workers that collect data from the interviewee is social workers. The social workers identify the main problem or the health challenge faced by the community. From the information gathered the social workers are able to identify the kind of help to provide to the society and patients.
Optional Questions

(answer only ONE question from the choices below)

1.    Please tell me what challenges you have faced in dealing with other disciplines who may not “understand the needs of nurses/nursing?” Interviewee claimed that there are many challenges faced by nurses and it takes a strong heart to overcome. It is difficult to deal with individual who do not recognize the role served by nurses. Some support staff like cleaners, clerks, account officers do not recognize the roles played nurses. Sometimes they use abusive language or they are reluctant to serve a nurse. It is good to learn how to cope with the critics in order to overcome the challenge.
2.    Please share an example of how garbage in/garbage out (GIGO) impacted a decision related to your information/data collection.
3.    Please give me an example of how the lack of interprofessional collaboration impacted your role.
4.    Please describe what a typical day on the job is like for you?
Follow-up Questions

(Answer all of these. Please do not ask them during the interview.

Instead, reflect and answer them afterwards.)

1.    How will completing this interview impact your practice as a BSN-prepared nurse? Give specific examples. The interview was beneficial in building up my career. Through the interview, I noted the problem faced when dealing with other disciplines that do not recognize nurse roles. I have also noted the technology to use in order to healthcare facility to deliver effective and high quality care. Through the use of technology, a healthcare facility ensures quick recovery and I will advice health care facilities to embrace technology like partner’s eCare and electronic health records.
2.    Resources (scholarly articles or texts). Indicate twoscholarly resources or texts used prior to the interview to familiarize yourself with the individual’s organization, role, or any of the questions you asked to make you a more knowledgeable interviewer. Resource #1:

Mark S. (2007). Interview with an Informatics Nurse. Computers, Informatics, Nurses, 25(1): 57-58.

Resource # 2:

AllNursingSchool (2011). What you’ll do as a Nurse Informatics Specialist. Retrieved 12 June, 2011, from



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