Computer Science


Element Requirements
HP Dell Laptop 32 Inch Monitor

Windows 7 Operating System

RAM-2 Gb

Hard Disk -500 gb


External Storages Storage should be based on network or flash disks
Printers Ability to Print High quality graphics
Ports Should be compatible to both VGA,USB ,HDMI,Firewire
Adapter Cards High quality adapter cards
Scanner There should be wireless scanner with all forms of port to facilitate developing of pictures.



In terms of summary, for the company that produces images and digital photography, there is a need to make sure that there are relevant hardware materials that are needed so as to make sure that all issues to do with management of all tasks to do with achieving various goals and objectives are met and also effective.

There is need to introduce all infrastructures that will be able to make sure that the products that are produced which are graphical images are of the required quality and also size. Besides that, there is also that issues to do with amount of time that is needed to make sure that all issues to do with achievement of desired quality of graphical data is based on the fact that one should be able to ensure that they play a critical role towards the development and also production of image.

In conclusion, it can be argued out when such hardware configurations are implemented then it will become easy for any given company to have good means of making sure that all the desired quality of graphical images are produced based the fact that the quality of infrastructures is achieved.


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