The Need for Review of Union Mandate







The Need for Review of Union Mandate












The Need for Review of Union Mandate

Labor laws should be reviewed and strengthened to put checks and balances on workers’ unions. The unions, which should be championing employees’ rights and representing the workers, have instead turned out to be politically and monetarily minded, which I strongly agree with. This paper is going to discuss the negative effects of unions and why an amendment of labor policy is important.

For the economy of any state to grow, the plight of workers has to be addressed since their productivity is often determined by the working conditions. According to Mark Mix, employees’ unions are important if only they can play the oversight role and represent the workers in the right manner. However, as Mix continues to argue, the unions have turned out to be scrupulous with an aim of acquiring millions of forced union dues. In May 2005, Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) threatened to fire employees who failed to pay union dues. This is against the labor theory of justice that cushions workers from exploitation (Kaufman, E., 2008). The threat occurred even after failure to provide the required constitutional safeguards of the rights of employees that cushion them from paying more dues to the union than the cost of collective bargaining (Foundation Action, 2005). Under security agreement, an employee is allowed to remain a union member even if he objects full union membership, and can pay only representation dues such as collective bargaining. This evidently confirms the statement of Mark Mix that compulsory unionism is supported by unions since it plays the role of increasing their coercive power and gain of steady revenue from forced dues. However, this amounts to a violation of workers’ rights. Looking the WFSE case, I agree with Mix that the rights of workers cannot be attained until unions are stripped of their power to seize forced union dues.

It is, therefore, my opinion that labor policies should be amended to cushion workers from the wrath of the unions. An amendment will allow the unions to play an oversight role and fight for the workers instead of victimizing them.



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Kaufman, B. E. (2008). Labor law and employment regulation: Neoclassical and institutional perspectives. Andrew Young School of Policy Studies Research Paper, (08-27).



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