Reflection paper

As a nurse, in the past eight weeks, I have experienced a lot in the process of achieving the course outcomes. The essential VIII program is involved in ensuring that the quality and safety of all levels of health services including their implementation procedures are all addressed in an appropriate manner that matches the required quality. This program helped me in pursuing my master’s degree that involved being trained on how to use tools and observe the culture alongside acquiring of the basic information that includes definitions of the standards that relates to the safety and quality in the practicing process of a nurse.

In addition to essential VIII, the nursing practitioner program that involves defining of the core competences in the field of nursing also helped in building my nursing career. As a practitioner, the program assisted me in gaining the knowledge on how to analyze and evidence with an aim of improving the advanced nursing practice. Besides, the program also assisted me in integrating the previous knowledge that I had learned on humanities and sciences, within the context of nursing science.

In the process of achieving course outcomes, nursing competences program boosted my ability to translate research and other forms of knowledge, which is important in improving the practice process and its outcomes. Through the program I was able to develop new practice approaches based on the integration of nursing research, theory and the practice knowledge. Scientific foundation competences program assisted me in gain the required knowledge on the field of nursing research and the basic steps that should be followed while conducting a scientific research that touches on the nursing profession.


Daly, J., Speedy, S., & Jackson, D. (2010). Contexts of nursing: An introduction. Sydney: Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier Australia.


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