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Grant Proposal






















Proposal Cover Letter

Baker County High School

One Wildcat Drive

Glen St. Mary, FL 32040



Mrs. Arne Duncan                                                                                                               Secretary
U.S. Mission to Georgia
Media Educational Program


Dear Sir

Baker County High School is pleased to present this project proposal for your review. The institute as a vision of setting up a school library media center within its premises. In this regard, we are looking forward towards creating a partnership with your grant agency in order to realize our dream of establishment of the project called Read to Succeed! This is in order to advance the schools education system, enabling students have access to the variety library resources, more so, the digitized system of education, consequently leading to improved learning since students will be motivated to learn, and means of delivery of information will be friendly to the learners (Nickerson, 2014).

The technological advancement in our society, calls for a society which invests its resources to ensure that it is relevant to the needs of the society. Therefore, the project will be essential in ensuring that the students’ educational needs are catered. The tutors will also have sufficient resources leading to efficient and effective delivery of information to their students (Nickerson, 2014).

Measurable success is expected to be achieved out of this project Read to Succeed! Our proposal requests $30,000 in funding for the establishment of the library media center; the design, construction and putting in place furniture’s, computer purchases to enable setting up of a computerized system necessary for its operation (Nickerson, 2014).

We appreciate U.S Mission to Georgia grant agency for having an interest in providing assistance to our students in the provision of educational resources on this new project. Please give me a call on (904)259-6286 for further information regarding this proposal.

Thank you,

Allen Murphy                                                                                                                                      Principal

One Wildcat Drive

Glen St. Mary, FL 32040








Proposal Cover Page


Read to Succeed! Improving Reading Resources to our Students


Submitted to: U.S Mission to Gorgia


Date             : 05/03/2016



Allen Murphy


One Wildcat Drive

Glen St. Mary, FL 32040





Grant Proposal

Read to Succeed! Improving Reading Resources to our Students

Project Abstract

Baker County High School is seeking a grant to realize its establishment of a library media center project referred to as Read to Succeed. The objective of the project is to ensure that all students are able to acquire the relevant and up to date library resources. Moreover, the improvement in quality and affordable personal computers will provide accessibility to electronically stored information, therefore, high-tech learning environment will provide good learning experiences to the learners of which the employment sector requires its employees to possess (Nickerson, 2014).

The students will also be in a position to acquire information from electronic access, both local and remote online networks, CD-ROM databases and interactive thus improving their learning experience. Funding which totals to $30,000 is requested in financing the project, involving putting in place and ensuring that the library media center is operational and effectively achieves its purpose in service provision for students (Nickerson, 2014).

Statement of Need

Baker County High School as approximately 2000 students, the majority of them cannot receive the necessary learning resources from the old library within the institutions which can hardly serve all its students needs, the tutors also do not have access to teaching resources leading to lack of relevant information to deliver in the classroom. This will therefore lead to shallow coverage of the contents leading to inadequate curriculum coverage. This has led to a decline in academic standards as a consequence of the limitations faced at the institution in regard to learning resources and materials. Therefore, the realization of the project will be of significance in ensuring that the institution has a library which can meet the demands of its students (Nickerson, 2014).

Project Description

Baker County High School project will focus on the provision of resources aimed at satisfying the learners’ and tutors needs in the institutions. The library media center will provide the learners with resources such as organized collection of printed work, audio-visual and computer resources will be made available at designated places within the library for accessibility of learners, tutors and administrators (Nickerson, 2014). Therefore, with the establishment of school library media center, the school community will be able to benefit with the following services;


The computerized data storage and online catalog within the library will make it easy for the students to easily identify the books they want and easily locate them. The easy accessibility of the relevant books will make the students to effectively use the books leading to improved classroom performance as they are able to utilize the referenced classroom materials located in the library (Nickerson, 2014). This computerization shall effect database services establishment by school librarians, and in this case, a school will be able to have reference databases, this will consequently improve research work by learners as they can easily identify what resource material is required, this will therefore avoid time wasting and more time will be spend on the research work, leading to improved output by the learners. In order to further achieves the goal of the project, more resource materials should be acquired, additional variety of books should be stocked within them the library shelves.


Equipment and Technology

Media library resources which improve and motivate learners’ capability understanding are such as; internet access capability, the learners will be able to effectively carry out their research work effectively. Audio equipment such as video cassette, record player and cable TV will also be useful for easy user understanding of various concepts, therefore, leading to improved understanding of students. Other equipment will be video camera, closed circuit TV and satellite TV hookup (Nickerson, 2014). Projectors will also be used, this will provide clear information especially in regard to diagrammatic illustration of content, where learners will thus easily grasp the content and be in position to deliver during their exam time.

Video conferencing equipments will also boost the students understanding as it critically engages them in the process. In addition the library shall have telephone and automated book circulation system, the library staff will be in position to use the telephone to communicate directly with the administration and also amongst other staff within the library for effective coordination of activities. Moreover, with the establishment of media library, students will also be able to benefit from services such as printing, scanning and photocopying (Nickerson, 2014).


The establishment of a school media library center will consequently lead to the need for staffing. Persons with the necessary qualification will be employed in order to ensure smooth running of the library media center. Moreover, they will be expected to show learning how to effectively use the resources for their benefit. In addition, the librarians will assist the tutors in case he/she will require a class within the library media center and therefore requires use of the library resources such as video conferencing or the use of cable TV. They thus make available for their effective use. The librarians will therefore need to motivate learners to maximize these resources in order for them to realize its benefits. The maintenance of media centre resources will also rely on the librarians, and thus there staffing cost should be taken into account while setting up the library media centre (Nickerson, 2014).

The modification to suit the design of library media centre will also require employment of qualified personnel’s to carry out the adjustment. This cost will also be included within the project, thus this will ensure the space set up to accommodate for the changes which are a requirement for the establishment of a library media center.

Generally, school libraries are an important infrastructure within any given learning institutions. It educates learners on how to use the available resources for their benefit and for the improvement of their academic performance as an addition to what they already learnt in their classrooms. In this regard, any learning institution should focus on having an equipped library, and the project; Read to Succeed will serve an important role in improving the library state of Baker County High School, the realization of the project will therefore serve as an important development of the education sector within the institution (Nickerson, 2014).




Nickerson, R. S. (2014). Technology in Education. New York: Hillsdale Publishers.









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