Balancing Correspondence Studies with Work, Family, and other Responsibilities






Balancing Correspondence Studies with Work, Family, and other Responsibilities


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Balancing Correspondence Studies with Work, Family, and other Responsibilities

My job as a banker is very involving since I have to work for almost ten hours. Moreover, I have to attend evening classes for my masters as well as play soccer, which is my hobby. To achieve this I need to manage my time effectively. Time management can be defined as the act or process of planning and exercising control on the time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity (Bure & Wilkerson, 2014, p.8).  My job runs for nine and a half hours a day and six days a week. The work involves a lot of interaction with customers, demands unmatched concentration, high accuracy and requires speed. Most of the times I have to make numerous visits to my customers’ premises especially when I am processing their loans. Other times, I have to make tough and rough decisions especially when I am making loan recovery from delinquent customers. Maintaining good customer relationship as well as achieving the various key performance indicators is sometimes very delicate. However, one must ensure that there is a balancing act since productivity is key for this job as it has a lot of direction on your promotion and overall career growth. Sometimes it calls for working for long hours in order to meet strict deadline and to bridge on the stretching targets. This leaves no or minimal time for other activities that I enjoy or I am obligated to do. I have to attend evening classes three days a week from Six thirty in the evening to Eight O’clock. I have to attend over seventy percent of the lectures in order to abide with the University’s regulation. More so, the course is very challenging and the lecturers’ input, I find it very vital. I have to submit the course assignment on time as well as create time for my academic project, which has so far consumed a lot of resources in terms of time and money. My hobby is playing soccer since I also have passion and it helps me to remain physically fit as well entertain myself. However, I have to create time for this since my current schedule is very tight yet I cannot forego what I enjoy most.

I plan my day and week both manually and electronically. Manually, I use a physical diary where I record all my week’s work. Further, I use my phone to record activities electronically. My evening classes occur on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. This leaves Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as the only days, which I am able to attend to soccer. My day begins at Five O’clock in the morning where I prepare and refresh myself for the day. I leave for work at Six O’clock so that I am in office at Seven thirty. Referring to my diary, I then know the customer to attend to first in matters pertaining to either loan processing, loan follow up or recovery. At work, I first handle those cases that I perceive that they need immediate attention as well as those cases that my supervisor needs to be addressed. I then leave the branch to attend to the clients in the field at exactly eleven o’clock up to one o’clock. After returning to the branch, I then arrange the various tasks with their need for urgency. I then wind my day at five thirty in the evening when I then attend to my other tasks. Referring to my diary, I then check whether it is the day for attending classes or for keeping physically fit. If it is a class day, I then check the specific unit that I shall be attending. I am at class before six thirty when the lecture begins. Using my phone, I then update any emerging issue during the lecture such as deadline for submission of the assignment or any change regarding the examinations dates. The day when there are no classes, I then attend to the playground and I ensure that I am there at exactly half past five so that I can have adequate time to do vital exercises before the ball work begins. Sometimes these tasks tend to overlap thus requiring continuous adjustment to the diary.



Bure, C. & Wilkerson, D. (2014). Balancing it all : my story of juggling priorities and purpose. Nashville, Tennessee: B & H Publishing Group.



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