Living Sustainably

The Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a documentary that seeks to reveal some of the facts that are no so common. The film questions the issue of the largest cause of the climate change around the globe. According to the revelations of the movie, animal agriculture brings about up to 51% of the greenhouse gasses produced in the atmosphere. Its uses testimonies given by different persons ranging from academicians to company executives and even some of the people who are engaged in animal agriculture. The film drew wide criticism, both positive and negative from various quarters. Different people have used different perspectives to analyze this particular film. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate approval of the narrative of the film using concepts from Chapter 10 of the book “Business and Society” by Anne Lawrence and James Weber. The five concepts are corruption/bribery, human rights, ethics, multinational corporations and globalization.

There are corporations that operate globally that have a stake in the environment. They are seen as the real people who pose the greatest threats to the environment. These are the multinational companies (MNCs) involved in the animal agriculture industry. In their operations, they are faced a lot of challenges. Most of these corporations are out to maximize their profits. The challenges faced by MNCs in attempts to operate in nations with varied cultures. The cultural and legal differences have brought about issues of corruption and sweatshops. This is the case where the employees are made to do a lot of work for just a small pay.

Many of the nonprofit organizations around the world such as Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network, and Surfrider are working towards protecting the environment that we live in. In addition to that, these same organizations are making attempts to protect the human rights through safeguarding the environment. In this regard, therefore, they ought to make public any information on the threats to the environment. Contrary to this, these same organizations have remained silent on some of the environmental matters which have grave consequences. Most of these organizations are financed through donations. They fail to perform their mandate and therefore fall targets of criticism when detrimental impacts occur on the environment.

Ethical issues are found in almost all functional component of business production and even operations. Further, ethics come about in accounting, marketing and management too.  The organizations according to the film have turned blind on the matter of environmental damage that is brought about by the animal agriculture. This questions the ethicality of operations of the organizations. If they are collecting money in the name of protecting the environment and human rights yet fail to do so brings a problem. The exposure of the organizations unethical conduct of their silence on the ongoing environmental matters. In this regard, therefore, it can be concluded that the film has done the task of the organizations of giving the public the true information. The real problem of environmental degradation has not been addressed by the organizations that people are counting on to do.

Corruption is one of the major social ill especially in the less developed countries (LDCs). This is a practice most of the MNCs too practice to remain in business. These corporations have a lot of money, and some of their operations that have an adverse impact on the environment are not condemned or stopped. The organizations that are tasked with the monitoring and safeguarding of the environment have sometimes remained silent because they fear these MNCs. Most people too fear to talk the truth about the damage they are causing. They think that the talk will lead to their deaths since this will question the activities of the corporations. The money power of the MNCs allows them to keep doing their activities even when they are not good for the environment. The operations of the MNCs continues due to the unethical characters of some of the people tasked with monitoring their actions. Bribery by the MNCs to environmental organizations is thus a major problem that is contributing to the negative impacts that are being witnessed on the environment.

There exist ways that the views, products and ideas from around the world are consolidated. The happenings of the environmental problem area brought to us through this film. A case in point is the killing of activists that took place in Brazil. They were protesting against the turning of a forest to an animal agriculture land. In business, organizations strive to reach different parts of the world. Then the process is referred to as globalization. The effects of the operations of the organization such as Greenpeace International are realized throughout the world. This is magnifying the matter of global environmental damage.

There is recognition of a fact that animals are causing damage to the environment. Notwithstanding, many of the large and widely renown nonprofit organizations, try to subdue, fail to admit and are ignorant of this truth. This is according to the film, and the reverence of reprimand by the animal agriculture industry force the organizations to disregard the damaging effects that animal agriculture is causing to the environment. The proposed solution of a shift from animal-based diet to a plant-based diet is not a viable one. The film had a lot of criticism and caused a storm following its release. This can be attributed to the fact that the film talks about some sensitive matters. The narrative given by the film presents many insights on the issue of environment that on may not be able to get from anywhere else.


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