Project Charter for Beautiful World Resorts (BWR) REVISION HISTORY





Project Charter for

Beautiful World Resorts (BWR)

Revision History


Date Version Description Staff





Table of Contents

Scope Overview                                                                                                              3

Business Case                                                                                                                  3

Background                                                                                                                     4

Milestone Schedule                                                                                                         5

Risks, Assumptions, Constraints                                                                                     8

Budget Estimates                                                                                                            9

Stakeholder List                                                                                                              9

Team Operating Principles                                                                                            10

Signatures and Commitment                                                                                         10





Scope Overview

Beautiful World Resort is a one-stop resort for conferences, hotel, entertainment, event, and show services. As an integrated resort, Beautiful World Resort strives to offer top quality services to its customers. This project strives to integrated technology into Beautiful World Resort’s operations to improve customer experience. The project will require funding from the resort. For the resort to compete well with the rest of the players in the hospitality industry, it must give the customers something extra. Thus, the project will go a long way in making the resort more attractive by improving on the customer experience. The first major variable for this project is the project charter that identifies the project needs, duration, cost, and acceptance criteria. The second variable is the project management plan that gives the stakeholders all the relevant project information and details. The third variable is the project schedule that highlights the timeframe associated with each of the tasks to be accomplished. The fourth variable is the requirements review that will be conducted to with respect to the project requirements. The other main variables are design review, acceptance testing, and the deployment plan.

Business Case

The hospitality industry has been experiencing significant growth in the last couple of years (Jauhari, 2014). Hotels and resorts are striving to remain competitive by coming up with strategy that will allow them to serve their customers better. Various areas strategies have been used by industry players to improve their operations and customer experience. In the case of Beautiful World Resort, technology is one of the areas that can be exploited to improve customer experience. Technology offers the resort numerous opportunities that it can exploit to improve its resort management system (Jauhari, 2014). By integrating technology into its resort management system, Beautiful World Resort can improve its efficiency and ensure that the customers get the best experience when the use the resort’s facilities and services. This project will therefore give the resort an avenue for improving its internal management operations and ensuring that customers get the best services. In the long run, the resort will be in a position to effectively compete with other hospitality industry stakeholders.

This project seeks out to realize three key objectives. First, the project strives to improve the customer experience by increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Beautiful World Resort internal management system. Secondly, the project is aimed at improving on the quality of services received by Beautiful World Resort customers by enhancing the booking, room reservation, and rooms maintenance scheduling. Finally, it will improve brand loyalty by creating a strong and positive relationship with the customers. These three main objectives are to be achieved by refining the resort’s management system through the use of technology.


Beautiful World Resort has cut a niche for itself as a resort that provides services and merchandises that meet the requirements of the patrons. This has been achieved by continually identifying the needs and coming up with processes that will ensure that they are met. The resort is a one stop facility where entertainment, food, conference, shows and events services are provided.  This is done to ensure that it become Asia’s ultimate leisure and business destination. Employees and the management of the resort strive to offer world class leisure, entertainment and other hospitality services so that tourists, business travellers and other guests can have memorable moments. Some of the services and element that make the resort unique include beach villas, tree top lofts, and theme parks. Asian and western restaurants, convention centres, grand ballrooms, theatre and car par facilities. The services and products offered by Beautiful World Resort are supported by various systems. The resort management system and the casino management system are some of the critical systems that play an imperative role in the setting up of best customer services. The resort management system can however been improved through the use and integration of technology.

Milestone Schedule

Milestone Completion Date Stakeholder Acceptance Criteria
Customer Relationship Management System


20/02/2016 Customer relation Manager

Project Manager

The performance of the customer relationship management system will be measured by the project manager to ensure that it can perform membership registration and generate E-Brochures for updating customers about the events in the resort.
Hotel Room Booking System


20/04/2016 Development Team The team will evaluate the performance of the room booking system to ensure that it meets the intended performance standards. The room booking system will be required to have the capability to perform room reservation, issue logs and execute customer check-in and check-out operations.
Assets Management System


20/06/2016 Project Manager

Maintenance Manager

The asset management system will be developed in a way that it can help in managing assets in the resort manages. In this project, the acceptance criteria for the assets management system will be the ability to perform hotel maintenance scheduling and theme park maintenance operations.
Staff Management System


20/08/2016 Project Manager

Human Resource Manager

The staff management system will ensure that the resort can maximize the benefits that it gets from its human resource capital. The acceptance criteria for this functional milestone will be the ability of the system to carry out staff registration, staff training, and generate staff duty roster. These are system capabilities that will ensure that the resort is able to improve the performance of its workforce.

Risks, Assumptions, Constraints

Risk Event Contingency Plan Who Owns the  Contingency Plan
Documentation risk: This kind of risks may affect proper documentation of the critical information about the project To ensure that the risk is managed, the development team will have a dedicated person who will be in charge of documenting on the critical and relevant information about all the aspects of the project Project Administrator
Technological Risk: These are risks that involve the use of technology in the four functional systems that are being created. They may affect the installation of the system, maintenance and proper alignment with the existing structures. A contingency plan to be used in dealing with the risk will require the team to always work with a technology expert during the purchasing, installation and maintenance of the systems The project manager and the involved Project Administrator will be in charge of the contingency plan


The following six assumptions were made when this project charter was being developed:

  1. The required funding for the project will be available at the beginning of the project
  2. The required personnel and resources will be made available at the start of the project
  3. The project manager and the development team will give the project the attention and seriousness that it deserves
  4. The quality of the items and resources supplied will be of the required standards
  5. Existing staff will be trained on how to work with the new systems
  6. The resort management will support the project team throughout the duration of the project

The following constrains and limitations have been identified to be relevant to this project:

  1. Work will only be done from 8.00am to 6.00pm
  2. The involved stakeholders can follow the agreed schedule but will not guarantee quality
  3. The project will have to be done within the agreed budget

Budget Estimates

The allocation of money during the project will be done by the Project Manager. The project manager is expected to allocate the money in such a way that it covers the material purchases and labor fee for the technology experts who may take part in the project. At the start, $1,500,000 will be allocated for the project.

Stakeholder List

  1. The project manager
  2. Customer relation Manager
  3. Human Resource Manager
  4. Maintenance Manager
  5. Project Administrator
  6. Development Team
  7. Project Sponsor

Team Operating Principles

For the team to effectively deliver on this project, all the involved stakeholders will have to work together. Thus, collaboration and team work will highly value operating principles (Brown, 2013). All involved parties will bring their expertise and skills to the team so that the goals and objectives are achieved. Open communication will also be an important operating principle (Brown, 2013). Members of the team will be given equal opportunities to air their views about the projects activities and decisions. Everyone will be reporting to the project manager during the project period.

Signatures and Commitment

Signature:   Date: 14/1/2016
Name: Beautiful World Resort    
Title: Project Sponsor    


  Date: 14/1/2016
Title: Project Manager    




  Date: 14/1/2016
Title: Human Resource Manager    





Brown, D. M. (2013). Designing Together: The collaboration and conflict            management handbook for creative professionals. Indianapolis: New Riders.

Jauhari, V. (2014). Managing sustainability in the hospitality and tourism industry:         Paradigms and directions for the future. Boca Raton:  CRC Press.


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