The primary aim was to study unusual bonding behavior present in different chemical compounds. NO compound was observed to have an incomplete octet in one of the molecules in each the two lewis dot structures. Its most stable configuration was when each atom has a trigonal planer electron geometry, where oxygen atom has a full octet and nitrogen has one electron group. NO2 strangely had a single bond on one oxygen atom and a double bond to the other on each of the two lewis dot structures formulated. However, both configurations were equally favorable and had a Bent Molecular geometry. NO2 is a polar molecule. BH3 was observed to have trigonal planer molecular geometry. There was no central atom for the compound B2H6 and two electrons are shared between all the three atoms in the B-H-B bond. The molecular structure of H3+ was seen to be triangular configuration. It was seen that the two electrons must be shared between all three hydrogen atoms, which is achieved through delocalized bonds. All these chemical compounds discussed has been observed to have unusual bonding behaviors which influenced their molecular structures.


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