Strategising for change at Hilton Hotel

Change management strategies

In any institution, change is one of the aspects that cannot be avoided. However, what institutions like Hilton Hotel require to realise is that besides change being inevitable, it also has a great influence on the operations of these institutions. For institutions like Hilton Hotel, change is purposed for correctional or improvement reasons. However, change would easily aid in the achievement of the opposite or again take longer in bringing the desired results if not effectively managed. This thereby prompts for the formulation of effective strategies for the handling and the management of change (Goksoy, 2016).

In general terms, change management should be based the answer to three broad questions. As mentioned earlier, change is expected to be a fixer. For this reason, the first question in relation to change management that institutions like Hilton Hotel should respond to with respect to strategising for change is what requires to be fixed by the change. As is generally known, understanding a problem is equal to solving half of it. The understanding of the problem is what this question seeks to achieve. Thereby, the first step in developing change related strategies should be in analysing Hilton Hotel in totality to identify the point at which change is required in the institution (Goksoy, 2016).

Thereafter, the steps, procedures and the structure of the team to handle the change should be then identified. This means that after problem definition, the solution should not only be identified, but also structured to the very end. In doing so, the other two questions relating to change management strategies would be responded to. These questions include how the stakeholders of Hilton Hotel would be involved in providing the solution through change and how the process of change would be undertaken. The complete structuring of the entire change that provides a solution to the identified problem should consider certain factors. These factors include that the success of change is determined by the extent to which change is accepted or the in which the change is perceived by the institution’s stakeholders and the process through which the change is undertaken. Thus, the change should be handled through the most interactive way with the stakeholders. The process through which the change is implemented should be one that provides the least interference to the normal operation of the institution. Probably undertaking the implementation of change in phases would be a good idea (Goksoy, 2016).




Goksoy, A. (2016). Organizational Change Management Strategies in Modern Business. Hershey : Business Science Reference.



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