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My ambition in legal and ethical issues was evoked by my strong interest in world events, especially on matters that affect the society. Since an early age, I was interested in helping people resolve their disputes. As I was growing up, I recall settling disputes and fights among my age mates, especially during play time. I was appointed as a senior prefect in my school, a position that I held for three years and enjoying serving other students in enhancing discipline. Many human aspects are tied to ethical and legal practices that are applied for ensuring a peaceful living environment whether in the workplace or home. Our everyday activities are affected by the law, even when we are unaware of it. In the current society, ethical issues such as gay rights and abortion have emerged as forefront subjects that require being resolved in the law institutions. Having studied a degree in criminology, I have a background understanding of such legal matters that are affecting the modern society. Such astounding issues have motivated me to pursue a master degree in international relations.

During my academic studies, I embraced a self-motivated approach, which I perceive crucial in learning administration of justice. Since childhood, I was bothered by injustices, and this pushed me to study criminology to have a deep understanding of legal frameworks and the justice system. The law enables the society members to coexist harmoniously (Maxfield, 2015). Conversely, criminology has enabled me to understand the patterns of criminal behavior and the way respective legal action that needs to be applied. Fighting for justice and fairness for all people has endeared me to further my studies in international relations. I believe a master in international relations that is relevant in public policy fields will equip me with analytical skills that are essential in the formulation of legal policies.

In my degree course, I have been a consistent scholar in psychology, mathematics, and English having obtained an average grade of A in all the subjects. I also participated in debates concerning human civil rights which have helped me build confidence in myself and have a good command of English language. My strong interest in world events that I read from the newspapers, internet source and books have helped me develop intellectual curiosity. The experience I have obtained from public galleries during my internship in magistrate and high court have given me a broad understanding of justice system. The interaction with lawyers, judges and other members of a legal team have given me an adequate understanding of my role as a criminologist.

I like spending my leisure time reading, swimming, and social networking. The Law Machine is one of the important books about the legal system of British I have read. The authors, Marcel and Clare, have detailed weaknesses of the system and highlighted principles on which judgments are based. This opportunity of studying international relations at an advanced level will suit my career and place me in a privileged level of working in the government sector. Moreover, I am a law enthusiast and a strong believer in hard work as the primary factor in attaining one’s goals. Being granted a chance to pursue a master in international relations will enlighten me on addressing issues such as combating crime and human rights (Jackson, 1997).










Jackson, J. H. (1997). The world trading system: law and policy of international economic relations. MIT press.

Maxfield, M. G. (2015). Basics of research methods for criminal justice and criminology. Cengage Learning.


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