Education Opportunity

Education Opportunity

An education opportunity at Collegiate Academies is many students’ desire because of the teaching and activities offered (Collegiate Academies, 2016). I would like to work at Collegiate Academies because of its wide range of activities it has to offer. The institution is recognized for excellent results and performance. It is also honored for training and developmental programs that I feel are helpful to people in managerial positions. Through such programs, it will be a great opportunity to meet and network with people in influential positions. As a teacher, my greatest strength is the constant reflection on my work and looking for chances to make improvements. This helps me to handle students and understand their individual needs. Also, improvement in my student’s performance and my experience are major strengths that I possess.

In my career, I need to grow my experience the most to ensure that I can handle my job diligently and professionally. Growing my experience will also mean that my employers have more faith in me to handle more challenging positions and tasks. It is my goal to face challenging tasks to ensure that I developed resilience and patience which are major qualities in teaching. In my current role, what gives me the most energy is to see a student improve performance and understanding. This motivates me to keep working and be an inspiration to the students. It also revives my energy on a daily basis when I look forward to attending my classes. Also, the welcoming students revive my energy because they make me realize that they look forward to my classes. However, my energy is drained when students are unresponsive during a classroom session, and this affects my work significantly. It drains my energy because I have to ensure that students understand and interact in class. An opportunity at the institution will help me achieve my goals and develop my strengths.



Collegiate Academies. (2016).


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