There are many ways that can be used to help orphans in the society so that they too can feel part of the community and also feel loved. Provision of clothes, food, education and education are some of the roles that our group focused on. These avenues make the orphans to have hope in life and hence reinstate back to their normal lives. In a wider picture, other ways could include advocating for the orphans through creating awareness, using birthdays for donation, acting as a sponsor and saving the extra money and other resources for the children.

  1. Advocating for the orphans

In this way, some of the group members can hold parties or shows either in the neighborhood or any other places with the main aim of creating awareness to the public on the importance of caring for the orphans. Coming up with projects is one important way in which the group can help the orphans. If the public is aware of the problems faced by orphans then many of them will turn up in large numbers and contribute for the welfare of this group. Creation of an online page is also another way that can be used to make donations. Face book for instance has many users and it always publicizes any upcoming events like birthdays or any other important occasions like caring for the less fortunate children in the society.

These sites in return may attract stakeholders of different local and foreign aids that will come in handy to help the vulnerable children in many ways. These stakeholders also help those groups that assist the children and this is through availing the necessary needs like medical care, school uniforms and foods for the needy children. In this case our work is made much easier unlike a situation where there is no help at all which in most cases require many support groups to utilize their own funds.

  1. Using birthdays for donations.

This is the role in which I will personally take part in. I will use my birthday and have people make some donations. The money and the resources collected will then be used to fund the needs required by the orphans. It has come to my realization that children love parties and throwing one will be of great advantages this will make people attend the party. The gifts and presents donated during the birthday will then be given to the orphans. I will urge all those invited t bring along some of the clothes that they don’t wear anymore so that they can be given to their brothers and sisters who do not have parents. This has been seen to work in several occasions. I am pretty sure my parents will also be part of this thought and their contributions will really help. If they contribute money, I and my group members will use the funds in the purchase of food, clothes and reading materials for the orphans.

Apart from donating birthdays, we can also organize events like running marathons, culture harvest as well as fundraising ceremonies which bring the community together and collect funds for the orphan child care projects. A number of countries also use these avenues to fund for the disabled as well as the pregnant mothers who lack adequate funds to meet hospital bills. Such events restore hope to orphans because they get to meet with people from diverse cultural and ethnic groups with even worse problems. They also meet other orphans where they console each other.

  1. Acting as a sponsor

Our group can act as a sponsor to the orphans and one of the major roles is making a monthly contribution to these children through the use of Aid grants and at the same time, providing medical healthcare to those children with serious medical complications. We are expecting to get assistance from a number of financial institutions and other non- governmental organizations. In other words, we will be acting as middlemen to the orphans because there are those children at grassroot levels whose voices are hardly heard and our group is mainly focusing on them. By so doing, we will be impacting the lives of these children and hence restoring their lost hope. Another way of becoming a sponsor is simply becoming volunteers. We are supposed to show love to these children without expecting anything in return and this is an important way of investing to the community because as a group we are planning to register ourselves so that the court can approve us as a mentor and savior for the less fortunate children in the society. Our other role as a sponsor group is directly giving them resources along with other donors. This can be done daily, weekly or monthly although the most preferred on is on a monthly basis. We have heard of many support groups who end up being life time sponsors to these children and this is one of the main goals of our group whereby we are planning to have at least ten children who will be sponsored till they can stand on their own.

  1. Saving funds for the orphans.

This does not necessarily mean that we will go straight to the bank and open an account. Instead, each one of us will take the responsibility of filling extra cash into a jar specifically for the children. This is to support those children with lack of parental care through purchase and provision of basic needs. This act is not only limited to the group members. We will urge each one of us to encourage others to set aside a jar at their homes and fill them with the extra money. The jars will gradually fill up and we will then set aside a day where everyone brings his/her collection and open a bank account for the orphans. In this way, the orphans are assured of constant supply of basic needs as the filling of jars with extra money will become a routine to everyone.

The funds received from donors can also be accumulated and once it is a good amount, it is saved in the bank account for future use whenever a need arises. Adoption aid grants are also used by a number of orphanages to open bank accounts. It has been noted that the money accumulated in the accounts are important in cases of emergencies when there is no ready cash at hand. The proceeds from fundraisings and different projects have been seen to increase the amount in the banks and these can be used to open up bigger centers to accumulate more orphans.














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