Personal Statement





I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I am always fascinated by huge public events. I am that person who enjoys living a life with excitement and diversity. I want to advance and become part and parcel this line of business by studying Event Management.

I am very ambitious in understanding the complete process and any relevant information relating to event management. Specifically, I have much interest in financial aspects, ways of planning different events and layers to be managed in these events. While doing my personal study on this course during my Bachelor’s degree, I realized that I want to do my Masters in this area. As I was doing my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I was involved in organizing events like fund raising and we managed to get money for the cause we aimed at helping. Since then, I made the decision that pursuing a degree in event management would be my personal goal to fulfill next. I have had an opportunity of working as a promo person with a telecommunication company on a part-time basis. During this period, I was able to gain the best experience in events organizing. I was able to see and appreciate event managers in their responsibilities and direct action.

I have made the personal choice of joining your university to do this course because I believe and have confidence that I will be able to develop my personality, knowledge and skills greatly. I have confidence in your teaching methods and that they can satisfy my educational expectations. Once I get the opportunity to study in your university, I will devote myself to both upholding institutional standards and make myself better. I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to express myself through this application.


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