How to fight breast cancer






How to fight breast cancer,


The modern society is plagued by a high proliferation of lifestyle diseases and an increased awareness of terminal illnesses affecting them. Among the most researched terminal illness due to its increased severity and an exponential level of awareness in the population is the most prevalent form of Cancer – the breast cancer. Despite the numerous efforts to fight cancer, there has been no clear-cut solution in form of prevention or treatment for breast cancer;


Breast cancer in women especially can be remotely linked to poor lifestyle choices like lack of exercise, poor diet and lifestyle activities like alcoholism (Greer 17). Thus the first step against the fight should start with taking charge of one’s health (Vallance & Courneya 42). Early detection of breast cancer makes elimination of cancer cells from the discovered area highly possible. Participation and support for sensitization efforts and campaigns on how breast cancer can be detected early enough through self-examination and availing the much needed mammograms is the second step to fighting breast cancer. The fight against breast cancer has become a humanitarian effort, thus walks and other organized fundraising efforts in support of these programs are necessary to ensure the fight is won. Participating in fundraising efforts like making strides against cancer provides enough financial support to further this war. Volunteering in supporting initiatives that focus on the physical, social and needs of the people affected by breast cancer like a cancer survivor providing educational and emotional support to those facing breast cancer diagnosis. Participation in cancer research, even for those that are not affected by it, ensures that there is better information on breast cancer to support the fight (Feinberg).


            Although there has not emerged any clear-cut solution for prevention or treatment of breast cancer, several efforts have resulted to increased awareness and more information on the fight. Severity of cancer in the population is currently being addressed to ensure early detection, sensitization efforts, support and treatment efforts are made more affordable and available to cancer patients and survivors.














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