Cause and Effects of Owning a Dog





Cause and Effects of Owning a Dog

When I was around the age of twelve, my mother and father were always busy, and my older sister was at the University and very busy studying as well as spending time with her friends. It happened that I was alone at home most of the times and especially during the weekends. I always felt lonely up to a point where I felt that the solitude feeling had to disappear. I visited my friend one weekend and found that she was lively and enjoying her weekends because of her dog that kept her company. The dog was so friendly and spending time with it made me feel that dogs were great pets to own and above all, they were more friendly than human beings. I could not wait to have my dog as a pet which I could spend my free time with and so I told my parents about it, and they had no problem buying me one. Within no time, I was used to my pet, and he became my best friend. I realized that there are far more benefits and effects that a dog comes along with by been a pet. From the world of loneliness, owning a dog was a cause that brought effects such as companionship, sense of responsibility as well as security.

By owning a dog as a pet, I came to view a dog as a very good companion for me as a human being and a special animal to live in my life. My lonely days finally disappeared all because of this lovely pet.  My dog is always next to me and so cooperative and loyal. The dog brought a great effect of relieving loneliness and enabling me to meet  more friends. He became my point of conversation with other pet owners and thus changing my life completely. I now have friends from various places such as training classes where I was instructed on how to maintain my dog, dog parks where I happened to play with my dog and meet other dog owners as well as in cafes and online pet sites. My life is completely changed all because of this pet that resulted to be my great friend.

Another effect that came along with owning a dog  was the feeling of  safety where I feel safer at home and even when walking around. Before owning my lovely dog as a pet, I sometimes felt worried when left alone at home due to many thoughts of fear. However, owning my dog made me feel safer. In the case of intruders or stubborn people, he can chase them away and scare the naught people who just come around to make me feel worried and insecure. Not only during the day but sleeping with my dog at night has also brought me safety. I have been sharing the same dog with my pet at night, and his has made me feel secure and guarded all throughout the night in such a way that no one disrupts my sleep. I realized that sleeping together with a dog pet helps me acquire better quality sleep.

Owning a dog is associated with the benefit of relieving stress as well as lowering one’s rate of depression.  I have realized that over the past six years, I have been very occupied with my academic work inclusive of assignments and class work.  This has largely increased my level of stress, but the good thing about it is that my pet helps me relieve this and other types of stress in my life. During last semester’s exams, I was extra stressed due to both academic and family issues to an extent that I started showing depression symptoms. My dog was so compassionate to me during this period and with its physical contact and support, I managed to finish my exams successfully and combated these arising symptoms of depression. Walking around with my dog in times of stress helps me forget my sad situation and spend more time playing with the dog. By walking around and playing with my pet, I felt more relieved and energized to work harder and smarter and in the end, increased productivity results.

My dog  also come along with the benefit of creating a great sense of responsibility in me.  It has taught me aspects of been responsible. Before owning my pet, I only handled tasks that I thought were important to me, and I was not neat and responsible. Life has changed completely after owning this pet for it has also been my teacher. To ensure that my companion is neat and smart, I always have to wash him, feed him and also take him for walks so as to be healthy. I was involved in activities such as training the dog by taking him to training sessions, washing and maintaining the dog’s toys accordingly as well as walking them around and giving them commands. These were tasks that I did each day and in the process, I grew up been responsible and caring for other beings. Above all, my dog has paved the way to making me the role model that I am today.

With owning a dog, I have improved my personality. In the process of caring for my dog, my personality has changed positively. My dog has taught me to be kind, tender and caring and above all, be responsible for what I do. Thus, owning a dog as a pet comes along with its benefits and it is seen that dogs are there to love us unconditionally without discriminating or judging us.




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