Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose

My desire to proceed with education to the postgraduate level has been sparked off by the competitive nature of the job market today. Also, I consider it a necessary experience to grow my skills to advanced levels and achieve higher knowledge in my area of passion. I believe that pursuing a post-graduate course in operation and supply chain management will facilitate further professional growth and, therefore, enable me to make good use of the business knowledge I have acquired in my previous education levels. As a business professional, the need to specialize further in operation and supply chain management at post-graduate level promises a clear path towards accomplishing my career goals. I believe that I will be in a position to nurture my skills and competence in various business operations and logistics. My motivation, therefore, lies significantly like the job market today and the need to have advanced, competent know-how on business transactions and supply chain management.

The current global economy is increasingly becoming competitive and interconnected at the same time. Consequently, it is necessary for companies to own a cutting-edge supply chain management which will be essential in staying up-to-date with continued global changes regarding capacities of production. Correspondingly, owning a supply chain management assists businesses in adjusting accordingly to the global variations in the market. My desire to pursue a post-graduate course in supply and operations management will provide a platform through which I will work in well-established companies. I will, therefore, assist in the maintenance of innovative developments and the implementation of strategies that relate to effective supply chain management by businesses. I will have the right competency levels that will be essential in assisting businesses to stay profitable and competitive in the international platform.

Being offered an opportunity to study in your University means the world to me as I will equip myself with the skills relating to links in the supply chain. Moreover, I will learn more about the processes of making strategic changes that are fundamental in guaranteeing continued competitiveness. A post graduate degree in supply chain management offers extensive resources that apart from the theory work in classes, also provides industrial links and practical experiences through internships. I will, therefore, graduate with a highly practical understanding of the skills required in the management of the dynamics in the contemporary world business’ complex supply chain.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the way businesses work besides the operational perspective of everything. My teachers and parents over the years provided the right support that rendered taking a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and International trade and management as the dream career choice. For that reason, during my undergraduate career, theory and practice were essential elements for building up my professional competency levels. By studying a variety of subjects that revolved around management and engineering, my learning became enhanced as it was reflected in my excellent academic grades. However, I have always aspired to undertake a career in business, particularly in logistics. A business career offers an opportunity in which one can explore different borders and cultures. I have always studied various aspects of business in search of the particular area that would prove to be suitable for my areas or expertise, skills, and interest. Having specialized in industrial engineering and International trade and management, I have gained knowledge in various aspects of management.

My bachelor’s degree has given me the fundamentals that are essential in business administration. Furthermore, with the academic and work experiences that I have so far gained, I believe that I am adequately prepared and confident enough to register for the postgraduate program in your institution. Additionally, the internship positions and work experience that I have had through the years have provided enough skills that are essential for learning this course. I have held a variety of positions in different organizations throughout my career growth and development. My education experience has equipped me with skills of knowing the importance of effective communication in logistics and operations, especially when it comes to multinational corporations. On the same note, so far I have enhanced knowledge relating to different cultures, economies and potential markets where businesses operate. I have also been equipped with essential knowledge on historical backgrounds, political influences, and policies that exist in the sales environment in different countries. My work experience also gave an opportunity in which I discovered my growing thirst for learning. As a result, I saw the need to expand my knowledge through engaging in challenging tasks with strict deadlines to achieve concrete results. My professional competency is evident from the awards that I have received in the different organizations that I have worked for in the past. Therefore, with the growing need for the highly qualified professionals in the field of supply chain management besides the continued advancements in the education sector, I find this course relevant in my current career level. I, in this light, believe that after the pursuit of the degree; I will emerge as a professional with remarkable skills in the field.



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