Statement of purpose

My interest in economics can be traced back to my high school years. When I was introduced to the subject, I was fascinated by the various theories and models that were used to explain issues such as demand and supply of goods and services. Even though I enrolled for a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and International Trade and Management, I always enjoyed economics as a subject. I was fascinated by the principles, rules, and axioms that govern various facets in economics which are often utilized in the analysis and interpretation of economic issues in the real world. I was also privileged to enroll for a Masters Program in the same field. The program exposed me to the various methodologies and tools employed in economic analysis and research. My desire to be part of your institution’s PhD Program in economics is driven by my passion for carrying out independent research that will be used in solving real life problems in the society.

Although almost all areas of economics interest me, I am particularly focused on the area of international economics. I believe that the current debates on “protectionism versus free trade” offer a prolific ground for research. I understand that with globalization, organizations and nations have been able to improve their economic performance. However, a lot needs to be done to improve our understanding on partial protection of domestic industries. I believe that through research, I will be able to contribute to the knowledge base in this area of study and enable organizations and nations to achieve optimum economic performance. Additionally, I am interested in the PhD program in your institution because I would like to advance my understanding on game theoretic models because they are the cornerstones of economic analysis and policy making. I believe that I can utilize such knowledge to come up with solutions to issues such as the quest to reduce tariffs, form and preserve customs unions, and do away with cartels in internationally traded goods.

I believe that I will be able to achieve this dream of becoming an outstanding researcher in the field of economics by improving my research knowledge and capabilities which I gained through my Masters program. My main aim is to have an exceptional grasp over econometrics so that I can be able to tackle stochastic statistical data in relation to the right economic theories and carry out complete empirical verification, as it has always been positioned in an incomplete equilibrium framework in the past. In future, I would like to use my knowledge in model building to research econometric methodology for purposes of improving approaches to analysis and interpretation of economic issues.

I am a hardworking and dedicated person, and ready to overcome the various challenges that are common to scholars in their pursuit to become the best in their careers. I will therefore strive to ensure that I utilize every opportunity and resource to acquire quality knowledge in the very competitive atmosphere which I hope to apply in my future career and become a reliable economist who is able to provide solutions to societal challenges.

I believe that my educational background as well as my academic abilities makes me an ideal candidate for this program. I have a strong background in mathematics and management of industrial based organization. Additionally, I was exposed to the field of research in economics in my Masters studies and therefore I have a good grasp of basic economic modeling concepts. I would like to expand my knowledge in data manipulation and abstract modeling so as to become a good researcher in the field. Additionally, I am an outgoing person who is able to share and learn from others. Because of this, I believe that I am going to utilize my time in your institution by forming lifelong relationships with staff and students that will contribute in collaborative work in the area of research.

I want to study in your institution because it emphasizes on academic rigor especially on analytical tools which are the basis for good research. I believe that your institution will fully develop my outstanding mathematical and analytical skills which I have always wanted to exploit to the greatest extent. Additionally, the distinguished faculty staff in your institution has been another reason why I am interested in your program. I believe that I will have the right guidance and help from the highly qualified staff to learn all the requirements of research work. Apart from my aspiration to use my knowledge in policy development after completing the program, one of my long-term goals is to teach students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I understand that a good teacher should apply a lot of effort so as to bring out the highest potential out of their students. I therefore believe that this program will also equip me with leadership and teaching skills. I am looking forward to this precious opportunity to be part of your PhD program.




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