Statement of purpose on Organizational Behavior














I am inspired to pursue a course in organization behavior because it will equip me with knowledge and ability to make proper decision within a company. Organization Behavior involves the study of the impact that groups, individuals, and structures have on behaviors of human beings within an organization setting. Organization behavior is well linked with other disciplines of study such as psychology, management, communication and sociology to provide students with a holistic knowledge of all the components affecting the company. My goal for choosing to pursue organization behavior course is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the employee’s attitude, personality, and motivation. My second goal is to understand different organization structure, culture and how organization teams operate. I am academically prepared to pursue organization behavior course because it is a field of study that I am greatly interested in. During my undergraduate, I studied a unit on organization behavior which provided me with a lot of knowledge and interest in understanding the personality, attitude, and factors affecting employee’s motivation in the workplace. I also learned that organization behavior is divided into three main categories namely employees within an organization, working groups and how the organization behaves at the macro level.

I am determined to study organization behavior so that I can expounding my knowledge on organization culture and structure. During my working periods, I have observed that individuals and organization cultures are different. I have discovered that significant discrepancies between employees’ behaviors and organization behavior tend to occur. The difference is caused by the nature of the organization. For example, the organization behavior on government parastatals and in the privately owned enterprise is different. Employees working in the privately owned business including short and medium enterprises tend to be more industrious as compared to those working in government parastatals. The difference may be attributed to organization culture and personality of the employees. Also, the location of the organization is important in determine originations behaviors. For example, in most Chinese corporations if an employee makes a decision without direct instructions from the supervisor it may be considered as lack of respect to your supervisor. The instructions must come from the top management and flow down to the lower levels of organization structure.

My admission to undertake a course on organization behavior will help me to cope with different problems and make an informed decision in my place of work. For example, organization behavior will provide me with skills that will assist my fellow managers working in the human resource manager to assign employees roles based on their qualifications and personality. For example, during my international working experience, the knowledge of Organization behavior helped me to know that an introvert can work well in an office as an IT expert or as an accountant. On the contrary, an extrovert can work well outside the office for example in direct marketing, product promotion and in strengthening business relationships.

My goal after completing my doctorate studies is to become a well-vested scholar on organization behavior research. My preferred countries for research is the United Kingdom, and in the U.S.  The research on organization behavior will be imperative due to globalization and restructuring of world trade organization.  A lot of the investigation will be needed, and hence I will be there ready to conduct such research because the skills and knowledge that I will acquire after completion of my Ph.D. degree will be of great help in doing research. I have chosen to pursue my Doctorate in the field of organization behavior in the United Kingdom because U.K organizations are more developed and have complex structures which will provide me with reach background information to make my research become a success. By studying in the United Kingdom, I will have the skills and knowledge necessary to solve not only organizational problems but also other economic problems that are facing most companies across the globe.  During my past Master of Business Administration program one of the requirements was to write plans and make presentations on the on business and marketing research which I did successfully. I worked hard and managed to meet all the university requirements for the conferment of an MBA degree.

Conclusively, I am planning to put even more effort towards successful execution of the Ph.D. coursework on organization behavior so that at the end of the study I will be conferred with my doctorate and use the knowledge gathered in solving individual and organizational problems through the creation of new knowledge. The knowledge acquired will provide me with a fundamental basis in coming up with a most update and efficient solution and disseminate the knowledge through electronic and print media so that it can change the behavior of most organizations across the world. Also, the knowledge of organization behavior will provide me with proper skills as a manager for making a sound decision in an organization where I work. Also, studying organization behavior will help me to solve most of the contemporary problems facing my organization where I work.








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