Favorite Brand: Gucci

My favorite brand is Gucci because it is associated with high-quality leather products. The company has a way of reaching to its customers which explains why there is a huge demand for the products and that there is a large target market that is reached within a short period through the different marketing approaches.

I prefer the Gucci products because it is widely known for the production of products which are of high quality which effectively meets the consumers’ preferences. The features that are associated with the products are unique in that they cannot be imitated by similar companies. The another reason why this is my preferences is the fact the fashion serves the needs for both men and women in that there are different types of clothes and jewelry that can be worn to serve all purposes. The shoes, for instance, have been designed in unique forms so that they are comfortable to be worn In all types of grounds. The watches which are mostly bought are characterized by sparkling features that show the luxurious nature of the product (Nina, 2013).

Gucci is also my favorite brand because the stores at which they are found are evenly distributed worldwide especially in big town and at close proximities to the potential buyers. Also, Gucci has the best advertising and promotion avenues, and it is through them that one can find useful information concerning the brand and where to get them and as a result, they reach a wider market. Gucci, therefore, remains among the leading companies in the production of quality products, and that is why many people purchase them (Nina, 2013).




Nina, J. (2013). Gucci in Trademark Tussle in U.K. WWD. Retrieved 3 December 2015.


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