My Favorite Subject in School.







My Favorite Subject in School.

My favorite subject is mathematics. From my early days in school, I got affection to the subject by the way the teacher would systematically and accurately solve a mathematical problem. It gives me the motivation to work more. It is not monotonous as it gives me new challenges when solving the mathematical problems. My teacher always encouraged me to solve mathematical problems. It is enjoyable and makes me be confident and feel great.

I like Mathematics because it helps me to be creative and innovative. I do not need to cram the content but understand the concepts. Mathematics is also marketable in every job market, and failure to like it may make me not attain my objectives in my career path. It is easy to get 100% score. Personally, I score 90% or more. I would like to enroll for a course in actuarial science and mathematics is a key subject.

I practice mathematics because mathematical knowledge and skills are essential in every day situation. I always practice by attempting five sums per day. This makes me think faster and logically when making decisions. The main careers interconnected with mathematics are

  1. Entrepreneurship; every business enterprise requires some calculation skills which one cannot do without.
  2. Financial engineering; this involves mathematics for example in the calculation of discount, foreign exchange rates, and stock exchange.
  3. Banking; mathematics is greatly linked to banking regarding protecting banking system like deposits and while making cash for those who wants to get loans from the bank.
  4. One may not excel in other subjects without mathematical skills and knowledge.
  5. Mathematics is useful in space and scientific researches as well as in other scientific approaches.





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