The Three Cities I Want to Visit






The Three Cities I Want to Visit












The Three Cities I Want to Visit

Have you ever been to your dream cities on your vocation? It is an undeniable fact that there are many famous cities which attract a lot of tourists all over the world every year. As I have learned through the internet, different cities have different sources of attraction such as nightlife, breathtaking shopping experience, and exciting sites and beaches among other aspects. Hue, New York, and San Francisco are some of the favorite cities I would like to visit.

Hue, the national capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945, used to be the emperor’s home for the Empire of Vietnam. I am interested in visiting this old city so that I can lay my eyes on the Imperial City especially the legendary Ngo Mon Gate (Gate of the Noon) as well as the ancient temples within the City. I would also like to witness the seven imperial tombs alongside the famous Thien Mu pagoda. To cap it all, I would visit the adjacent Bach Ma National Park and the Hue Temple of Literature.

Another City I am so interested in visiting is New York. As one of the historical cities in the U.S., I have learned that New York has a lot to offer in terms of attraction. Of particular interest to me is the Empire State Building, the 1,454-foot-tall landmark, which was built in a record 11 months close to nine decades ago. I would not miss an opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the world, and no doubt one of the most famous historical architectural innovations. I would also be interested in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Statue of Liberty. On a sad note though, I would also visit Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 attacks, just to show my sympathy with those who lost their loved ones in the incident.

The other city I would like to visit is San Francisco. Located in California, U.S., this City has numerous attraction sites that would be of much interest to me. One thing I would not like to miss is a visit to Chinatown especially due to its historical significance. Regarded as the largest town of the Chinese outside Asia, Chinatown brings back memories of the earliest Chinese immigrants to the U.S. Besides, I would visit Pier 39 from where I would get the exhilarating view of the Golden Gate, Bay Bridges, and Angel Island among other attractive sites. I would also make a visit to the California Academy of Sciences, the Cable Car Museum, and the historical Legion of Honor.

Basically, some of the most attractive cities for me include Hue, New York, and San Francisco. These cities have a lot to offer ranging from natural sites to manmade features. A common aspect is that all of them have a lot historical significance in different ways.


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