Diversity Statement

Diversity is an invaluable asset to any university worth its salt. This owe to the fact that, in different higher-level education settings, especially universities and colleges, diversity plays a significant role of enriching such institutions with adequate resources to brim cultures. It is a host of different skillsets, languages and historical backgrounds. Ultimately, the aspect of encountering and experiencing diversity is today an essential aspect to every individual, specifically in sense that it critically influences a better understanding of the contemporary generic human society.

I am confident of my ability to offer diversity given the fact that it has been like a stamp on my life. I spend most of my childhood in Newton, Massachusetts. Pertaining my junior academic cycles, I attended several different high schools in Jerusalem. I also camped throughout Alaska examining science and society’s role in mitigating hazards, studied culture and ancient history in Egypt, and received my Masters of Public Health in Tel Aviv, Israel. All my life I have been surrounded by different cultures and have thus learned to identify and value the different languages, values and characters of the peoples with whom I have interacted. In essence, these social experiences are significantly some of the major building blocks that have influenced my sociable character and the generic personal attributes I appreciate today. As such, nothing I value more than the opportunity to meet, interact and share my knowledge, principles and experiences with different people from all different type of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Novel experiences have critically contributed in shaping me into the person I am today. I believe true life to life scenarios will add value to classroom discussions. My travel in the Middle East, specifically in Israel and Egypt, and particularly my immersion into Israeli society over the past three years has been enlightening and has contributed to my appreciation for diversity and desire to embrace people from different backgrounds.

I am confident that my experiences will not only be of benefit as a nurse practitioner, but will also enable me add a unique dimension to the institution’s student body. First, living abroad has enhanced my cultural knowledge, awareness and sensitivity, but perhaps most importantly, it has fostered a deep sense of empathy. I understand what it feels like to be alone in a foreign country, both as an adolescent and as an adult, separated from friends, family and support systems. Living in Jerusalem, one of the world’s most diverse cultural capitals, exposed me at a young age to the value of multiculturalism and the vibrancy of the Middle East. It also provided me with the tools needed to adapt to new environments and tackle new challenges, including how to navigate communication and cultural barriers. For instance, I recall one day walking down the street, surrounded by religious Jews cloaked in long skirts, robs and hats. On the same road were Muslim men and women wearing burkas and mafias, responding to their Call to Prayer announced throughout the city. I saw Christian and Armenian churches lined up alongside each other. Similarly, I spotted Greek Orthodox churches next to Synagogues and mosques. While living in Tel Aviv, I have appreciated the challenge of being a foreign visitor and a new immigrant. As a foreign worker, the need to learn new languages, figure out where to fit and live, set up job interviews and obtain employment, proved significantly essential and profound.



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