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The charity gala dinner had been organized to facilitate the fundraising process purchasing electric wheelchairs for children suffering from paraplegia. Paraplegia is a spinal condition that affects the spinal code and subjects the individual to paralysis. Paraplegia is a condition that affects an individual from childhood and it graduates as a person grows. In this relation, the paraplegia condition affects the legs of an individual and the lower part of the body. There is a need to embrace the development of the children who suffer the condition of paraplegia by helping them in the sense of mobility (Rogers & Davidson, 2015). The children are not able to move from one point to another of a location without the help of another person. It exposes the children to greater risk and may endanger their lives. For this reason, there was a need to make the children access equipment, the electric wheelchair that could help them with the element of mobility.

The charity gala dinner is used to facilitate the fundraising projects of helping individuals that are disabled in the society. Charity gala dinners are ways of delivering support to the less fortunate in the society as well as experiencing fun during the activities that take place.

The Summary of the Entertainment aspect of the event

Entertainment characterized the charity gala dinner for the fundraising project of buying electric wheelchairs for the children suffering from paraplegia. The function was a formal organization, hence the entertainment that was featured in the function was jazz music. Besides, there would be a big band that would perform at the event. The element of formality was characterized by the wearing of black ties, though it was optional. Some people came into the function wearing bow ties. Three different forms of music were played in the charity gala dinner. Quiet jazz combo would be played during the cocktail period. The dinner would be characterized by playing soft background music at the time of dinner (Rogers & Davidson, 2015). After the dinner, the charity gala dinner had been scheduled to have a big band that could play a dance song. There would be food and wine that would be provided by the first class wineries and donations. The first class restaurants would donate food for the event that would take place.

Background including scope and objectives

The charity gala dinner would be a development that aims at raising funds for the purchase of electric wheelchairs for the children that suffer paraplegia. The event would be held at a five-star hotel in New York City.  The purpose of scheduling the event in a luxury hotel would be because; the event is intended to be attended by dignitaries and very high profile people in the society (Rogers & Davidson, 2015). The purpose of inviting the high profile people in the society is to facilitate the high collection of resource that could help in achieving the set target of money. The location of the event was chosen because it is characteristically defined that the people who hold a high-profile position in the society associate themselves with the high-end facilities. On the aspect of time, the event would be held in the evening (Wilson et al., 2012). Evenings are the best time for summoning people to attend a function. Besides, many guests shall have enough time to arrive at the event, as they would have finished the activities of the day. The event would be scheduled to begin at eleven o’clock in the evening.

The aim of the fundraising project would be to achieve:

  • Attendances of seven hundred people from New York City
  • The sale of the tickets would not be less than seven hundred thousand dollars
  • Achieved net profit of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars would directly go to a paraplegic research center in the United States
  • Raising awareness of the case of paraplegia
  • At least three hundred people in the event would have attended a previous similar function

Research and Information Sources

The information about the development of the charity gala dinner for the children suffering from paraplegia was acquired from a variety of sources. Some journals had been written for creating awareness in the social domain. The development of websites that enlighten the public about the risks if paraplegia would be useful in the planning process of the event (Wilson et al., 2012). It allowed for the acquisition of adequate information that could be useful for presentation purposes in the event. There would be a need to highlight to the public about the sense of supporting the people of the condition, paraplegia. The deficiency of adequate information would result in a bad presentation and hence the event would not achieve an aspect of its objectives.

There was a need to acquire substantial information about the needs of the people with paraplegia. It could help in realizing the ways of helping them and support the programs that are aimed at studying the developments of their lives (Wilson et al., 2012). The charity gala dinner had to be researched about the conditions of the people of paraplegia. It was done to make the society to understand that in the event of helping them, the society could increase the output of production in economic and social perspective without limitation. I trusted the information that had been gathered from the journals and the books from the fact that the writers and the authors of the sources highlighted similar experiences that had been successfully carried out by understanding the needs of the society.

Summary of target groups for the event

The targeted people in the event planning would be high profile individual in the society as well as the renowned business people in the world. The groups of the high profile people in the society would come from the United States regions and specifically New York City (Wilson et al., 2012). On the other hand, the renowned business people from around the world would be invited because they have at; least featured in the Forbes Magazine and it is possible to estimate the amount they are likely to spend at the charity gala dinner. The targets were chosen because there would need to raise funds for the benefit of the research processes on paraplegia as well as buying equipment for the already affected individuals. The targets were chosen based on the moral perspective of the society. The societal belief is inclined toward the idea that the fortunate people in the society have a responsibility to support the less fortunate in the community.

The Project Management Tool and Techniques including schedules, outcomes, and deliverables

Because the event would be formally organized, there would be a need to select the choice of using invitations as the deliverable. In history, the mode of inviting individuals to a formal event was using invitation cards. The invitation cards would be delivered to the recipients either in the softcopy or by the hardcopy forms (Hollensen, 2015). It is because the technological development of the world allows for fast and reliable communication networks. The guests would be sent emails through a common email hence they would be able to receive the invitations from their places of choice. The development of a corporate email would help in the fast access of information in its original form.

The delivery of the emailed information of inviting the guests would be checked by integration of the technical expertise.  The technological advancements being complicated, it would be necessary to invite the help of the technological experts to help in the process of verifying the deliveries. There are high profile people invited to the events; hence their level of security is very high (Hollensen, 2015). It means that they are unable to access information from just any organization or an individual. For this reason, there is a need to engage the technical expertise to develop a corporate email address from which they can access the information about the event. Cyber crime is a major problem that affects the society due to the choices that people make regarding the use of technology. Some individuals use the technological understanding to disturb the peaceful coexistence in the society by delivering emails that are threats to others. Besides, there are cases in which people spread computer viruses into other peoples’ computers by sending them spam emails.

The use of the Critical Path Analysis would be effective in the delivery of invitation information because it helps in the planning of the tasks. The integrated tasks in the plan must compete as part of the project (Hollensen, 2015). This method acts as the basis for preparation and scheduling of the resource planning.

Project team management and structure

In the project management, there would be a team of technological experts and a team of professional linguists. The team of the technological experts would be assigned the role of seeking means of encoding data that is fed into the computers. Besides, they would be important in the process of making the list of the guests who would be invited to the event. The guests being high profile people in the society, there would be a need to research about them (Hollensen, 2015). The extensive research would be facilitated by the fact that the technological experts are reliable. On the other hand, the linguistic group would be equally important in the composition of the document for the invitation.

The use of correct grammar and choice of words is critical in the process of attracting a group of high profile people. The linguists would be effective in the formulation of the initiation to maintain the original purpose of inviting the guests and communicating the expected activities. Guests need to receive prior information about the activities that would take place in an event and the roles that they would be expected to play in the same function (Kotler et al., 2015). In this connection, the collaboration between the linguists and the technical experts would make the event effective.

Budget for the Project

The budget for the project would have a highlighted list of the items that would be sold to the charity gala dinner.  The tickets would be sold for two hundred and fifty dollars each, and there would be tables for booking. Each table would sell for three hundred dollars, but the highest end table would sell for four hundred and fifty dollars. The catering services would also be categorized on the aspect of differences in price. The lucrative dishes would be served at the high-end tables while the normal tables would have the common prices (Kotler et al., 2015).  Wineries would provide the most expensive wines at the rates of seven hundred and fifty dollars at the high-end tables while the other tables would be served at five hundred and fifty dollars.

There would be different products for sale at the charity gala dinner. The items for auction services would be made available to the guests. The items for auction services would be artistic paintings and the different brand by diverse textile companies. In this relation, the organizations would be given an opportunity to market their products to the large population that would attend.

Project communication and stakeholder management

The communication with the managers would be through the organization of meetings and manuals.  The managers would be internal, and this mode of communication would be effective as it encourages one-on-one participation.  The staff is in the internal category; hence the mode of communication would be through meetings.  The suppliers and the vendors would be communicated to, using the formal briefings.  The entertainers of the event would be communicated to by use of phone calls and scheduled meetings (Kotler et al., 2015).  The local authorities would be informed through the email while the event partners would be met face to face.

These modes of communication to the stakeholders of the event would be supportive in that they would help in the effective operation of the events of the charity gala dinner. They would play a significant role in the organization and development of events. In this relation, the event would be successful as every stakeholder would be able to understand the role that they are expected to play independently in the charity gala dinner organized to fundraise for the children suffering from paraplegia (Kotler et al., 2015). The condition is regarded to be serious as it limits an individual. The intervention of the program would help in the minimization of the rate at which the children would be affected by the condition of paraplegia.

Risk management plan

It is important to understand that all the stakeholders in the event, charity gala dinner for the children suffering from paraplegia would hold risks.   There are different types of risks that the stakeholders would hold.  In this relation, there are health risks, the health risks that that stakeholders bear is the fact they are exposed to the cold weather at night. The time that the event would be held would be at night. In this relation, there are guests who allergic to the cold. The promotional risk would be significant in the risk management plan. In this relation, the suppliers may bring their goods for sale and marketing, but they may not be sold out (Lusch & Vargo, 2014). To solve this problem, there would be a pre-established package for every supplier. It would make them not go back with the goods.

The financial risk would be that the event may be strained in the period of planning.  In the solution of the problem, the risk would be dealt with by allocating extra security funds. Technical risks may be characterized by the failure of equipment or complete breakdown of operation. The risk of technicality would be approached by developing a backup plan to ensure smooth operation and completion of the event Lusch & Vargo, 2014).  The project management team would face the reputational risk; this would be on matters of effectiveness. The management team would approach the risk by ensuring they actively participate and deliver the expected services to facilitate the effect of the charity gala dinner.

Evaluation and control of Project

The event would be successful, and there would be a necessity to acquire feedback from the participants. The invited guest would be requested to submit their evaluation feedback through the same corporate email that they receive the invitation. The feedback would be attained through the process of allowing interaction between the event organizers and the participants. The suppliers would also be expected to deliver their feedback about the experience that they had in the event Lusch & Vargo, 2014). The feedback would be delivered after the event. It is because it is important to allow the participants to experience the event before requesting for the feedback. In the event a feedback is given before an event, there are chances that the feedback may be inappropriate. The feedback given after the event shows the truth that the person had either enjoyed or was discontented with the operation of events in the charity gala dinner.


The event organization would be effective upon the integration of every relevant stakeholder’s effort. The stakeholders would perform different roles to satisfy the objective in which the event had been set (Lusch & Vargo, 2014). Selection of the target groups to perform in the event, charity gala dinner is an effective way of ensuring that the event achieves the purpose that it was set to achieve. The development of the charity gala concert was planned to provide the research programs on paraplegia are made possible. Also, the primary objective of the charity gala dinner was to fundraise for the children suffering paraplegia to acquire electric wheelchairs. It was because; the electric wheelchairs would help them with matters of mobility. The electric wheelchairs are also environment-friendly as well as making them feel independent, as they would not depend on a second person to help them in movement.



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