Mission statement: Jaguar seeks to deliver more great products, faster than they have done before. The company seeks to be the leader in the environmental innovation. To be sure that the customers of the company came first.

Values: The approach taken by Jaguar is based on a set of core values that assist in the creation and manufacture of premium vehicles in a sustainable approach. These values involve the company working together with integrity and understanding and striving to achieve excellence in everything the company does.

Main Objectives of Jaguar Land Rover

  • The company seeks to demonstrate leadership in sustainable business practices. Of main importance is to achieve carbon neutral manufacturing and minimal waste across all the operations.
  • Manufacture vehicles that meet the future requirements of the customers with reduced environmental impact
  • Improve the lives of the wider community. These includes creating opportunities for approximately 12 million people by the year 2020.
  • Engage people, customers and partners in responsible business processes.

Jaguar land rover is one of the largest car manufacturers in the United Kingdom and has been ranked as one of the best employers in the country. The company has become one of the headline grabbing success stories in Britain with its employees doubling over the last four years. Today, the company has employed approximately 45000 employees worldwide and the number is rising fast. Apart from manufacture of vehicles, the company is also significantly active in automotive research, engineering and development in the country and in the transfer and movement of craftsmanship and innovation to the world market. The company has been known for the seductive design of the automobiles and the art of high performance vehicles. The company obtains one of its main successes on the successful automobile brands which commands a global market for the company’s products. Since the company has placed most of its focus on luxurious brands of vehicles, most the vehicles produced by the company have won prestigious awards globally making the products publicly accepted and the company an international automobile icon. It is also important to understand that Jaguar was recently acquired by TATA. Through this acquisition, the company has achieved command over the TATA’s market.

SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis on the company however, demonstrates some unique issues that the company needs to consider and take actions in order to maintain its market and remain competitive (Adamu, Zubairu, Ibrahim & Ibrahim, 2011). In a SWOT analysis, the weaknesses on the other hand are internal factors within the organization that prevent the organization from taking advantage of the opportunities in the industry. One of the major weaknesses of the Jaguar lands company is the lack of a variety of product range in comparison to the competitors. Product diversification is the process of extending the products or the activities of the corporation outside those that the company is engaged in.

One of the major impacts of lack of varieties is the loss of customers to competitors. Jaguar’s automobile, despite having outstanding performance, are relatively expensive thus rendering a significant proportion of the population unable to afford these products. Since the company does not offer cheaper versions of the products, the competitors take advantage through the manufacture of pocket friendly automobiles. The company should seek means to manufacture a variety of automobiles preferably of different economic levels. The other means is to reduce the cost of their products through ensuring a cheap supply chain. Graduates, being fresh from the colleges and institutions, have innovative and creative minds on achieving high performance while applying minimal resources. Secondly, since graduates come with different views from the outside world, they will be significant and important sources of information on what should be included in the manufacturing process and what needs not be applied.

Apart from the strengths and the weaknesses, the other important factors in the SWOT analysis are the opportunities of the company. Opportunities primarily refers to the new business initiatives that are available for exploitation of the organization. One major opportunity for the Jaguar Lands is that the hybrid models of luxury cars remains to be a massive and untapped market worldwide. However, through Jaguar has made a significant stride towards exploiting this potential while at the same time maintaining its competitiveness, there still exists huge gaps which remains unexploited. This being the case, Jaguar is one of the main companies to have made considerable attempts towards exploiting this market. However, the resources and efforts that the company have placed on the exploitation are still relatively low. Secondly, the company has primarily based its luxury vehicle manufacture operations in Britain while at the same time neglecting the other regions of the world despite potentially high market. The production department at the company should invest more resources on the production of more luxury automobiles. The sales and marketing department on the other hand should take the necessary means towards ensuring the company’s presence all around the globe. This can only be achieved through the establishment of the company’s outlet in different regions of the world. Graduates should be trained on the overall design and production of the luxury vehicles in order to add on the production engineering team. This will enable for an increased production of the luxury vehicles to meet the rising demand.

Training Activities



Time Details of Activities/Training Objectives Delivery Style Resources Needed
Day 1  


5:00 pm

Introduction to Jaguar Land rover community and its creative and innovating culture.

Group talks from the company directors.

Lectures on the company’s objectives for the graduates, its expectations and the core values.

Orient engineers on the Jaguar culture and staff community.

To understand Jaguar’s objectives and aims.

Give an understanding into the expectations of the company from the graduates.

A tour around the company and its facilities with an instructor.

Questions and answer session.

Teacher-student lecture

A projector and a white board. Cost of £700

Manuals on the core values, objectives and aims of the company x 10 £100

Catering for the participants x 11 £110

Day 2  

8:00 am –

12: 00 noon



– 5:00pm

General orientation into the company’s facilities. The objective is to build up on the first day tour with the provision of information on the different compartments of their company and their roles to the company. General tour around the company with an instructor to guide through the facilities of the company. Maps on the company’s different manufacturing facilities x 10 £50

Catering for the participants x 11 £110

Day 3  


General training on the luxury vehicles production process Educate the engineers on the inputs, the process and the output of production and assembly

Training on product manufactured by Jaguar.

Conduct online test and achieve approximately 80% pass.

Classroom training

Questions and answer sessions.

Catering for the participants x 11 £110
Day 4  

8:00 am –

12:00 pm


2:00 pm

5:00 pm

Division of the engineers into the different working groups.

Seminars on all the product production processes.

Display of the different processes in action.

Since the different engineers will work from different sections of the organization, the fourth day will entail specifying the different sections where each will work from.

The second objective is provide specific orientation to new engineers on their expected role.

Classroom and instructor class.

Technical training at the different sections of the section.

Projector and white board



Catering for the participants x 11 £110

Day 5  

8:00 am –

12:00 pm


2:00 pm

5:00 pm

Technical training on vehicle part production and vehicle assembly Provide field experience to the engineers with the objective of emphasizing on the lessons learnt in class. Assimilation of the engineers into the different departments from which they will be expected to work from.

Learning from the already working staffs and engineers at the company.

Catering for the participants x 11 £110


Vehicle parts £6000


Engineering consultant






The first five days of training and development of new employees into the company should seek on providing the new graduates with information with regard to the flow of activities within the organization. As such, the above program has been set to ensure that the new graduate engineers shift their attention from learning towards the application of knowledge and expertise towards development.



Adamu, N., Zubairu, I., Ibrahim, Y. & Ibrahim, A. (2011). Evaluating  the  Impact  of Product  Diversification  on  Financial  Performance  of  Selected  Nigerian Construction Firms. Journal of Construction in Developing Countries, 16 (2), pp. 91-114.






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