My primary goal is to become an industrial designer who will be able to help the people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and most importantly, contribute positively to the generic world community. This goal has been influenced by many contemporary world’s issues that I find significantly alarming. For instance, the world is full of hunger, poverty, terrorism, global warming, fear, and disunity between countries and religions. The idealization of how people suffer due following the aftermath of the crisis is unbearable when I put myself in their shoes. This inspires me to play a role in eradicating or solving these problems.

I started my college career XXXXXXX College in XXXXX. I always wanted to be a mechanical engineer. The idea and my perception of mechanical engineering was, in regards to how engineers were very innovative to design automatic tool, and most importantly, the working principles behind them was very fascinating. My curiosity on how mechanical things work fueled my ambition to become an industrial designer.

Industrial designing is discipline that allow one to associate knowledge, ideas and principles in new technological application. It also fosters good decision making and leadership specifically in relation to the people’s culture, social practices, traditions, believes, perspectives and norms.

Leadership is one of the virtual that I believed has naturally been invested in me. I have. People around me, mores so those I have led in different projects or activities in the past, acknowledges that an I am a very ambitious, goal oriented person, who, under his leadership, would stop at nothing to ensure that the given set of goal, or pre-established objectives, are duly met or achieved, in the end of the given project.

I am a hardworking, ambitious and philanthropic person who believes in collective social development. Indeed, my passion for travelling and, socializing and assisting people from any given society is one of the major reason that fueled me to pursue Global Management. I believe that I possess the key prospects, motives, skills and effective personal traits, that doe not only make me a suitable candidate for the program in your institution, but also, the spirit to bring forth positive changes the generic The community at Arizona State University, and add value to the program as well.

Arizona State University is one of the most renowned institution in the world. The reason for choosing this institution is that the university offers first class facilities and technologies that help student acquire knowledge in a more effective manner. Arizona State University has very innovative faculty members. it nurtures innovation, personal and professional growth


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