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Response to “The New Chavez? Oil Trumps Rain Forest in Ecuador Article”

The article shocked the world when it stated that the Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa wanted the world to pay his country $3.6 billion so that I could forgo his plant of drilling oil in Yasuni National Park. The national park is one of the areas designated by the United Nations as World Biosphere Reserves. The article shows a very dangerous position taken by the Ecuadorian government especially at a time when the world is focused on clean, renewable energy sources to stop global warming and climate change. Drilling oil in such a rich rainforest is a blow to such efforts as the Ecuadorian government seemed to be focused on the money it will get from the project without realizing it will be destroying the environment.

My thought on this matter is that the environmental organizations should use all legal means to stop the government from destroying the forest. More and more news outlets should also focus their energies on announcing to the world the intentions of the government and seek for various ways of dealing with the issue. The Correa led government should not lie to the people that it seeks to drill oil to fund social changes. Rafael Correa seeks to use the oil money to pay for all his debts without understanding that the project will cause environmental damage while also displacing the indigenous people who have always lived in the area. The country’s citizens should not let the current president destroy the environment since it will come back to haunt them in the future. The government should learn from countries which have been affected by oil drilling in natural forests and indigenous settlements and stop the project.


From the Ecuadorian government

#Correction…..Yasuni National Park will not be affected by the project

#Media outlets should stop lying about the oil drilling in Yasuni National Park

#President Correa is the protector of Ecuadorian environment…..therefore he cannot destroy it

#Yasuni National Park oil drilling will be conducted after an environmental survey is conducted

#World countries should stop paying Ecuadorian media to lie to the public


From the Organization

#President Correa should come out clean to the Ecuadorian people and the world

#Ecuadorians should meet and protect the environment

#United Nations should stop the government from destroying the environment

#let’s all come together and save Yasuni National Park

#All Ecuadorians deserve a clean environment




Works Cited

Andrianova, Anna. “The new Chavez? Oil trumps rain forest in Ecuador.” CNBC (2013): np. .



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