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Response to “The New Chavez? Oil Trumps Rain Forest in Ecuador Article”

The Ecuadorian president seems to be focused on paying his debt to china than protecting the countries environment. With talks regarding the world paying the government to stop drilling oil in Yasuni national park collapsing, Ecuador seems to have changed its tune of conserving the environment to actively destroying it. Allowing oil drilling in the protected forest will release an estimated 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere thus increasing global warming. Environmentalists point out that the end of the talks marks the only chance the international community had of saving the rain forest from destruction.

My thought on this matter is that the environmental organizations and the international community should do more to revive the talks with the Ecuadorian government. The international community should help Ecuador pay its debt to China and help save the forest which is home to some of the world’s rare animal and plant species. The government should learn from countries which have been affected by oil drilling in natural forests and indigenous settlements and stop the project. The world is slowly implementing strategies to increase the use of clean and renewable energy sources and some efforts are threatened by continual drilling of fossil fuels in areas which need to be protected.




From the Ecuadorian government

#Correction…..Yasuni National Park will not be affected by the project

#Media outlets should stop lying about the oil drilling in Yasuni National Park

#President Correa is the protector of Ecuadorian environment…..therefore he cannot destroy it

#Yasuni National Park oil drilling will be conducted after an environmental survey is conducted

#World countries should stop paying Ecuadorian media to lie to the public


From the Organization

#President Correa should come out clean to the Ecuadorian people and the world

#Ecuadorians should meet and protect the environment

#United Nations should stop the government from destroying the environment

#let’s all come together and save Yasuni National Park

#All Ecuadorians deserve a clean environment




Works Cited

Andrianova, Anna. “The new Chavez? Oil trumps rain forest in Ecuador.” CNBC (2013): np. .



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