Letter of Motivation

Studying International Management has been one of my main educational goals since childhood. Being a German who hopes to learn a lot from Sweden through cultural exchange, I intend to study a course in International Management as an international student in Sweden. Notably, I understand that the International Management program is a course that takes three years and a requirement for the student to attain 180 credits before graduation and would be glad if I get an opportunity to join the course program in the autumn 2017 semester.  I am specifically interested in “business and academic communication” and “marketing management” since I have several inspirations that made me to choose this course program. One of such inspirations include the fact the course gives the student lots of options and exposure, as it covers topics on many different fields. In addition, the International Management course also provides a student with skills on internationalization, entrepreneurship, and business renewal thereby making them all-round in the job market. Moreover, the course also prepares students for the dynamism that characterizes the international business environment, for instance, the common vicious competition brought by multinationals.

While pursuing the course on International Management, I would glad to seize any opportunity for student exchange programs. This is because such programs always allow students to study a semester abroad and only focus on specific course related to the main course they are admitted. As a student in International Management, I would mainly focus on specific topics such as business management in order to help me improve my ratings once I graduate.  Besides, having an opportunity to take up my studies will also enable me to expand my knowledge on international businesses and allow me understand more on how multi-nationals operate. Having finished my A-level studies back in the year 2014, I proceeded to take up internship roles in different organizations in order to learn basic work aspects such as discipline, punctuality and performance delivery.

Between July 2015 and July 2016, I spent most of my time working as an au pair in Wellington, New Zealand working for 45 hours per week. This experience helped me gain confident, become reliable, organized and creative in personality making it easier for me to grasp various elements. I have since done university courses in business administration, mathematics for economics and finance making it quite easy for me to understand different topics in International Management. Additionally, I have always desired to study in Sweden due to a perception that the education system is more advanced and is more involving compared to other European nations. I believe that as an international student, I stand to gain management skills by enrolling to Swedish universities that prioritize good communication between teachers and their students. As a matter of fact, I have also been planning to work as a volunteer at the International House in my hometown doing jobs that involve bringing together exchange students studying in different foreign countries by organizing symposiums and workshops. Such meetings could create opportunity for the international students to deliberate on different aspects affecting their student life.

I believe that pursuing the International Management course program would build my business foundation and give me the impetus to pursue international careers in sales management, export management, project leadership, business development or market coordination. Upon successful completion of the course, I would prefer to become a sales manager as this could be in an international company, a multinational, or my own business organization. I have been raised in an entrepreneurial family, and this is background gives me some inclination to also pursue entrepreneurship in future. When new career opportunities open up in the future, I might consider pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration program to  enable me understand more facts on international business.




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