Motivation of Employees

Motivation of Employees

Motivation of employees is an important objective that should be featured in every institution. The workforce that is motivated is not only creative but also productive, which in turn reduces employees turnover   (Martin, 2014). Dan Wilson is a de-motivated employee, this is seen from behavior of not striving to do more work or better job unless the supervisor instructs him. An employee can feel de-motivated due to lack of recognition, demands that are unrealistic by the management and lack of job security, which is the most critical factor when it comes to employee motivation (Martin, 2014). Boredom is another factor that can cause lack of motivation.

Harry Jones can deal with Dan’s tendency by appreciating the efforts put forward. When appreciated, the employee feels good and valued by the employer. The recognition can be individual or group based recognition (Martin, 2014). Rewarding the employees is also an important factor that motivates the employees through both monetary and non-monetary rewards; Mr. Harry can see to it that Dan is adequately rewarded as a way of motivating him to do more for the organization. In addition, Harry should ensure effective communication is maintained, as it is a critical aspect of motivation. This should be through accurate communication of data that upsets the work of employees and paying considerable attention to open door policy.

The information concerning the product improvement and new structures of interaction are important. By engaging in such, the employee will be able to come up with sound conclusions regarding their jobs. The open door policy helps employees interact with their bosses. The 2012 Global Workforce Study showed that the extra time the employees spend with the management would make them feel compensated by the attention (Martin, 2014). Harry should follow the three steps to ensure that Dan’s motivation to work hard improves beyond the job description.




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