Biology of the Brain

Biology of the Brain

  1. What research evidence supports the “lock and key” model for the mode of action neurotransmitter?

The binding that exists between the neurotransmitter sites and those of the receptors is always articulated as a lock-and-key correlation since the neurotransmitters fit in specific locations of receptors in a similar manner in which a key fits in a given lock. To begin with, the presynaptic vesicle frees the neurotransmitter and passes through the synapse where it binds to a receptor that postsynaptic. This type of chemical incident results in a sequence of electrical occasions.

When binding occurs to other receptors, there is the opening of channels in the neurotransmitters located in the nerve membrane that permits ions to drift unremittingly in the neuron. These ramifications are accountable for the modifications in membrane prospective essential in the transmitting of messages along the nerve fibers and between neurons (American Psychiatric Association, 1983).

  1. What can you deduce about the biology of schizophrenia from the fact that haloperidol, a dopamine-receptor antagonist, is successfully used to treat schizophrenia?

A deduction that is made in relation to the treatment of schizophrenia through the use of haloperidol in this case is that haloperidol is a type of antipsychotics (Brisch, Saniotis, Wolf, Bielau, Bernstein, Steiner, & Henneberg, 2014). These are considered to be dopamine antagonists where haloperidol is employed in the relieving of symptoms of schizophrenia among other problems that hinder the proper thinking of an individual, the nature of feeling and also the behavior. Prescription of haloperidol is used to control these symptoms together with a long-acting or ‘depot’ injection. This medication is known to rebalance dopamine so as to improve the patient’s reported situation. Haloperidol is used to block dopamine receptors through receptor antagonism.

Moreover, according to Brisch (2014), the relieving of these symptoms varies among the different groups of people. For example, individuals with a heart condition or blood vessel problems, breathing problems, prostate, liver or kidney problems among other problems should first seek the doctor’s advice before taking this medication. Haloperidol is only considered to be effective only if the medication is taken properly and the dose is completed.













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American Psychiatric Association. (1983). Psychiatry update: The American Psychiatric Association annual review. Washington, D.C: American Psychiatric Press.

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Brisch, R., Saniotis, A., Wolf, R., Bielau, H., Bernstein, H. G., Steiner, J., … & Henneberg, M. (2014). The role of dopamine in schizophrenia from a neurobiological and evolutionary perspective: old fashioned, but still in vogue. Frontiers in psychiatry, 5, 47.


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