Clinical Rotation Application Essay

Medicine is a broad discipline in the science domain. It is a discipline that is much more inclined to the social tenets of the society. Under the medical discipline is the surgery aspect which is amongst the most crucial and technical aspect of medical practitioners. It is a field that is ventured by few and not the faint hearted.

Healthcare should be a basic right to every individual in the world. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the cost of healthcare and especially surgery practices has been known to cost a fortune. The low and middle-income earners have therefore at times found themselves in this dilemma of accessing treatment for cases that require surgery. Having toured various destinations in the world in my teenage years, such factors such as the inability to afford treatment, inadequate trained surgical doctors sparked the dream of me wanting to plunge into the medical arena to make a difference. The surgery bit is my main point of focus and would love to specialize specifically in critical surgeries.

I look forward to gaining the skills and technicalities in surgery to be in a position to help patients in future. Medicine can be viewed in two dimensions, the business dimension and the not for profit aspect. I would, therefore, love to acquire the surgical skills in the clinical rotation program to be in a position to utilize my skills later as a not for profit surgeon. Making a change in the surgery division is my ultimate satisfaction by helping those who cannot afford treatment. Helping in ensuring that poor individuals in different places have access to surgical practices is my main point of interest in surgery for this program.



# Essay Two

As a medical student, much is expected of me at the end of the training. This goes without saying that being half baked is never an excuse. Medical practice also being extremely delicate means that as a doctor, one is required to have a gist of several medical skills. Surgery is one sector that requires both expertise both from training and practice and more importantly the alertness and coordination of the mind. My dream to become a surgeon and help poor patients around the world has made me propagate my training skills. I am interested in the clinical rotational program for a couple of reasons.

Training is, therefore, an important aspect of general surgery as it is at PCOM. To acquire all the required skills at the department, I am interested in the clinical rotation program. First, it ensures that I am in a position to put into practice many of the hand on skills acquired from class. Through the clinical rotation program, I am also in a position to learn from my superiors. Much of skills are acquired through the practical experience. Secondly, apart from the actual incision when carrying out surgery, there are other medical skills acquired through the clinical rotation.

Additionally, I am looking forward to being an all-round surgical doctor at the end of the day. This is not acquired by someone remaining in one department for their entire surgery training at the medical school. Surgery being a discipline with various aspects I would be more useful having mastered various skills in the same. My main focus and interest in the clinical rotation program is therefore for the sole purpose of various skill acquisitions to help make a change and be more useful in the market. Having various skills in the sector ventured by few is by itself a competitive advantage element. The above are therefore the reasons as to why I am interested in the general surgery clinical rotation program.

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