William Butler Yeats

In this article the author describes the various aspects in which Yeats address aging in his poetry. The article states that William Butler Yeats, in all his entire work seems to be disturbed by aging. This poetry denounces aging with every way possible. For instance, it shows an obsessesion in giving confessions of why individuals does not like aging and how they feel negative about the situation. This is evident in the article because Yeats had written to His friend Olivia Shakespeare, saying that the entire writing was based on his own experiences.

The article displayed different writing styles. The themes, motifs, and symbols were major parts its perfectoons. The major parts entailed of themes ranging from politics to personal themes such as death. As one studies the variety of Yeats’ article, one can discovers that a lot of quotes published reflect a variety of issues. Throughout his life, the author devoted himself to writing about Irish subjects.

One of the major themes in this article is aging. Even the character Yeats’ felt attracted to the ‘aging’ theme. This is because of the reason that life confessed that aging was more than just a theme. It talks more about the lifestyle to his lover and younger friend. The theme of the poem gives the reader an insight of Yeats’ life and the events that take place during his aging period.

The article has an architectonic arrangement of his poems that contains aging and death themes. These poems are considered as one of the most powerful art in the time.  Its thoughts on the theme of aging were more distinct that when he received the Nobel Prize for Literature at the Stockholm in 1923.

The naming of the some of the poems also reflects this theme. A good example that reflects this idea is the poem named “The Meditation of the Old Fisherman.”  Although the other works such as ‘The Tower’ do not reflect the themes contained in it, the poem entails themes such as aging and death. In 1889, Yeats’ poem majored on lamentation as its major theme. The article expressed the theme through the use of sad and grieving words. Most of the readers have however confessed that it is hard for one to exactly to know the cause of sadness in the poem. The poem ‘Lamentation of the Old prisoner’ carries much of this theme in all of the five stanzas.

In conclusion, the article displayed a broad range of themes that can be presented through poetry. It displayed the distinctive usage words, titles, and sentences that showcased a variety of themes.




Bornstein, George. “WB Yeats’s Poetry of Aging.” Sewanee Review 120.1 (2012): 46-61.



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