I-Statement Activity “Zoom”

Zoom is a video communication company situated in the United States and whose operations are based in San Jose, California. The company delivers video communications which are mainly cloud based. This allows the company to offer both cloud conference and webinar software (Zoom n.p). Zoom, incorporates video conferencing, mobile association and online meetings into one platform earning its name ‘zoom’ (Judy and Doherty n.p).

Having had the privilege to access zoom application, I was perplexed by the numerous features and services it offers. I enjoyed the application’s cloud film conferencing which offered: HD films, HD sound with dynamic sound detection, complete screen and color made view, double streaming for double screens and Android mobile applications. The above features were readily accessible.

Zoom also enhances group collaboration. This enables group messaging, sharing of documents and film clips on the screen which was simultaneous. Zoom also enables imitation and co-imitation, with mouse and keyboard rheostat as well as whiteboarding which all I found to be very awesome and effective.

To enhance the security of files and information, zoom provides a work email with a sole sign on or a Google login. There is also encryption to a safe socket layer, access to HTTP, admin quality controls and role built access control.

For efficient sound, transmission zoom provides toll based selections, free toll choices in above 60 countries, unlimited VOIP and has a capacity to assimilate any multiple teleconferencing services. The high-quality audio enhanced effective communication among various audio enhancements promoting effective communication.

Hybrid cloud package is one of the finest offers awarded by zoom application. It allows converging connectors for the secluded cloud, virtualized software format in minutes, gauging and adding volume easily, high native availability, full-time online monitoring, and immediate worldwide service backup.

I was also intrigued to discover that high eminence desktop and programmer sharing, individual meeting ID, arranged meetings, website plug-imps, recording of MP4 and A files can be performed online with the help of zoom. Simulated backgrounds and host panels were accessible by online channels. Zoom enhances information sharing, arranging and starting meetings, process automation, and a unified login.

Although zoom has many benefits, I encountered several disentangles while using the application. There was much delay in the zoom website as one attempted to login their personal details into the system. This was probably caused by interruption of data waves leading to wastage of time. Two, the zoom application was a bit challenging to operate. This was due complicated language and installation steps in the application. The process of individual verification was also too long and cumbersome. This method is only suitable for the elite.

Poor audio transmission between various sound devices was a major challenge. This was due to inadequate technical skill to operate the highly-developed zoom application, use of faulty audio enhancements further fueled the problem

The chance to use zoom application had a great impact on my life, as I was able to interact with many of my friends, share information and also held an online meeting with my colleagues. All this achievement was by courtesy of the zoom application, widespread awareness among individuals will enable transform this world into a global village enhancing economic, social and political growth.













Works cited

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Zoom. “About – Zoom.” Zoom Video, 2017, zoom.us/about. Accessed 21 Feb. 2017.


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