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WordPress for Web Design





WordPress for Website Design

WordPress is a content management system program, which means that much of the work has already been pre-prepared (Oztaysi, 2014). Thus, it is a computer software that can be installed and run on a computer over the web or internet. It first began as a tool for bloggers to use in publishing their work in the website for public sharing and reading. It has continually grown famous among bloggers due to its vast use worldwide. After much improvements and additions, it grew into a website creation tool for individuals, companies, and local businesses to use.

Benefits of WordPress

Users wishing to invest their time and resources on this tool gain many advantages from using the tool. Firstly, the tool is free to use. Therefore, users save the money required to pay programmers to come up with the required software for the individual or company. WordPress is an open source software developed and advanced by many programmers around the world. This makes the tool free to use, has less chance of encountering a bug, and if any exist, the number of programmers behind the coding makes solving the bug easy and fast. For a single programmer, the software might contain many bugs and may also not work in accordance to the user’s specifications. With WordPress, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).

Secondly, since it is a pre-programmed software, users find it easy to use the tool with very minimal or no coding required at all. Installation and setup of the tool is very easy and can be performed by any user with simple computer knowledge. This increases productivity of individuals or corporations by saving much time required in coding. In addition to that, the tool provides an immediate feedback of how the final product looks like and how it operates or behaves. This makes changing the look and behavior an easy and fast process.

Distinction Between the .org and .com Domains

Under wordpress.com, everything is handled within the WordPress servers. This includes hosting and also the domain names adopted by users wishing to use the software. There is very minimal or no coding required when one desires to use wordpress.com. This is because the hustle to obtain a new domain is eliminated since the website adopts the WordPress domain by default. This saves time and resources as well. This option is suitable for individuals or organizations that need a simple website interface to communicate or reach the world via the internet.

On the other hand, wordpress.org gives users the control over what to include and what to exclude. This means that hosting is done externally and not necessarily under WordPress servers. Consequently, this option calls for the user to obtain or own a domain under which the user is to download and install the WordPress software. Therefore, it requires users with knowledge in programming to be able to utilize the software. This option is advisable to individuals or companies that handle sensitive data which they would want to have more control on the data.

Hands-On Experience with WordPress


When installing WordPress on the website server, it uploads a number of files and folders onto the website disk space. These files and folders are just similar to the ones on any local computer, except that the files must be written in internet protocol or language. The files are then read and interpreted by the server into human language whereby a visitor sees a webpage instead of the actual code written by the user.


After installation of the files on the desired server, the user is presented with a dashboard. The dashboard provides a means for the user to control, navigate, and change the whole website. This happens behind the scenes, meaning that visitors only see the webpage displayed and not the dashboard or controls available to the user.

Building blocks

From the dashboard, the user is able to navigate through the whole website and change a number of things such as themes, plugins and add-ons. WordPress has numerous theme templates that are either free or on sale from which a user can decide to apply to the website. The themes are still customizable through change of headers, photos, text, and page content. These helps to customize the whole website into a more personal feel to the user. Other customizable content includes addition of new pages, menu items, plugins, and widgets among other numerous options available in the WordPress software.


Many people today are influenced by the internet and availability of information or communication through the internet. This makes having a web presence a vital and wise move for any business or individual wishing to reap its benefits. WordPress realized this need and responded by offering its users an easy to use content management system that is user friendly and at the same time, a powerful tool for web publishing. It is easy to obtain, install, setup, and also use even with very minimal knowledge in programming. Thus, users should learn more and take advantage of this powerful tool offered at no extra cost, thereby saving both time and money.




Oztaysi, B. (2014, November). A decision Model for information technology selection using AHP integrated TOPSIS-Grey: The Case of Content Management Systems. Knowledge-Based Systems, 70, 44-54.




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