Leadership Skills Demonstrated by Sir Alex Ferguson





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Leadership Skills Demonstrated by Sir Alex Ferguson

Born in 31st December 1941, Sir Alex Ferguson has been managing Manchester United Football Club from 1986 t- 2013. Previously, he served as a Scottish football player and manager. Following the consistently splendid results that Manchester United continues to record in major premier leagues, Sir Alex Ferguson remains one of the most respected and admired team leaders in the history of football (Silverthorne, 2013).

Indeed, Ferguson’s ability to manage such a huge club is no doubt a spectacular feat. For nearly three decades, Ferguson has turned out to be probably the only manager who has managed to succeed consistently for three consecutive decades. One of his outstanding impressive talents is deft motivation and management of highly reputable players in the world. As the manager of one of the largest football clubs of the twenty-first century, Ferguson has demonstrated his commitment to adopting the latest training technology and regimens. Furthermore, the manager continually plots viable success strategies for the club’s fraternity as a whole.

As documented in Silverthorne (2013), Ferguson’s willingness to nurture young talents is motivated by his long-term experience in managing football clubs. From a critical view, he also turns out to be a revolutionist as evident from his relentless efforts to revolutionize the club’s affairs. Ferguson’s role is dominantly visible in the organization. For example, the manager has been at the forefront in fostering club unity by ensuring that senior players warmed up with academy players on a daily basis. It is through his effective leadership skills that most of the players he developed— Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs—are now perfect standouts of the 21st century football (Silverthorne, 2013).


Overall, the success of Manchester United Club is attributed to Ferguson’s effective management skills. His most outstanding personality lies in his flexibility (Silverthorne, 2013). Apart from adopting new approaches and technologies in management, he also hires the services of sports scientists who assist the club in developing new ways of improving performance and measuring success.


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< http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/7123.html&gt;



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