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Nursing is a lifetime learning experience, a profession and a vocation I would really wish to be part of. My desire is to be a fully registered and qualified nurse who is trusted in the construction of a foundation past nursing training and future advances. As a nurse, I believe it is essential to have realistic and a robust understanding of what it is to be a nurse before going through training. I have strong belief that my past experiences and my current practice in the field of advanced practice nursing will turn me into a confident and committed individual to the benefit of the industry. The various healthcare settings that I have been through in the past couples with nursing academic challenges will turn me into a reliable, trustworthy and motivated practitioner. I am fully aware of the nursing academic demands and the rigorous nature of the course which is tough but I strongly believe in my ability to bring out the best in myself and the larger nursing profession.

I believe that an advanced nursing practitioner must possess certain special qualities and skills that revolve around critical thinking, ability to lead, interpersonal, team work and organizational skills. All these skills cannot be acquired overnight but through years and years of hard work, commitment and excellence. It was during my placement at the Philippine Red Cross that I acquired my leadership skills. As a nurse instructor at the community nurse department, part of my duties revolves around health promotion and disease prevention which involved having one on one conversation with the people of the community. Having to talk with different people in the community was quite challenging for me because sharing health information with people who have problems in reading and understanding could be essentially very hard but I accomplished my goals effectively. As a practitioner in the field of nursing, I believe all nurses must have great critical thinking skills and pay exceptional attention to detail which I must say I have been successful in while in the oncology department.

Ensuring patients are provided with chemotherapy demands nurses to be detail oriented especially when checking for abnormal signs. A case in scenario was when a patient came in for her third therapy denying having any symptoms of fatigue though I noticed that she did not have enough energy to perform normal duties. Overlooking such small details could lead to unacceptable results which could later affect the patient’s condition. Whenever I got the chance, I would practice how to apply my critical thinking skills in decision making. During chemotherapy, I realized that I must be able to think fast and act even faster to prevent the patient from any adverse effects. Apart from the abilities and skills that every nurse must be in possession of I have other attractive qualities like compassion, encouraging and caring. These qualities have appreciated more during my time at Ospital ng Makati in Phillipines. Though it was a government hospital, it was during this experience that was presented with the privilege to work with less privileged communities, taking care of them, treating them with equality and motivating them into bringing out the best in what they do. Being a nurse I believe is part of my duty because I am called not only to treat but to take care and motivate patients, treating them with so much compassion and respect regardless of their condition and social placement.

I have confidence that my 10 year working experience as a nurse practitioner in the different community settings would grow me into a successful, committed and motivated nurse practitioner. Should I be accepted into this course, my primary goal would be to find specialization in Oncology nursing because I have great admiration and respect for clinical nurse specialists because of their dedication and professionalism. Serving underprivileged communities solidified my dream to have a desire to help the underprivileged find resources and abilities to help them access quality healthcare. This experience drove me into anticipating ways in which we as a nursing profession can work to integrate health promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance into Philippine communities to escalate their general status. Among my primary goals is to make quality healthcare accessible to those of low economic backgrounds. In this nature, I would like to serve both the rural and urban setting to ensure every member who needs treatment finds it. I plan to make use of my role as a nurse practitioner to help the poor find insurance options among other funding schemes that are necessary for them to acquire treatment. At the end of my studies, my main goal is to increase in compassion, competency and collaborative work in nursing as long as patient outcomes are improved. My decision to enroll in this university lies in the belief that all I need to make the society a better place is by finding a better educational foundation and environment that will foster growth and change. I believe that the environment and the courses offered in this institution will propel me into becoming a person of influence in my dream of providing high, quality and cost effective healthcare to the less privileged communities.


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