Application essay







Application essay


Many a time students taking online courses experience numerous challenges as they strive to make sure that their learning turns to be a success in the end. It is important to understand that one’s ability to maintain a consistent schedule has a major influence on online learning success. I have had a personal experience with challenges involving balancing my time and managing my schedule in my distance learning. There are a number of management of schedule and time balancing strategies that students taking online courses in order to accomplish success in distance education. These strategies are very important as they aid in making sure that a student is able to balance their school, work, and home commitments.

To start with a student taking online courses needs make sure that they use organizational tools. This means that a student should utilize all the resources at their disposal to ensure that that their online courses are well organized. Examples of organizational tools include smartphone reminders, Google calendar, to-do lists, weekly or daily planner, motivational notes and well-placed reminders (O’Nei 32). A students should use their organizational resources to record due dates from the blackboard and course syllabus. This will make it easier to follow up on their courses and b able to address urgent matters first.

Another strategy that a student taking online education needs to employ is prioritizing school and avoiding other activities that might interfere with their school activities. This can be achieved by making a list of practices and activities to that they need not focus on. On the other hand, they should identify activities that will assist them accomplish their semesters studies successfully and include them in their schedules. This will significantly aid in prioritizing school.

Having weekly reviews is a very important management strategy. A student should have some time every week to review their syllabus as well as the learning management system. This is important because they can easily plan how to successfully complete their courses in the weeks ahead. It is vital for students to make sure that they review feedbacks from other classmates and their lecturers on assignments and grades. This is important as it aids in deciding on how much time should be spend studying a certain course (O’Nei 45). Furthermore, a student can know whether they need further guidance from their lecturers as far as their studies are concerned.

Another very important strategy that a student taking distance education should employ is planning their process of work. A students needs to consider focusing more on subjects they consider to be most difficult. Prior planning ensures that they are able to use their most energy on these subjects and obtain feedbacks from their professors on how they should go about it (O’Nei 56).

A student taking distance educations needs to understand these strategies and know how they can make the best out of effective planning. This is how success can best be achieved while taking online courses. Another very important aspect that students should not forget is splitting large projects into small tasks with clear deadlines. This makes easier to understand the project’s scope and work on it without experiencing many difficulties. With these strategies in place a student taking online courses is guaranteed to realize success for their smart and hard work.














Work cited

O’Neil, Harold F. What Works in Distance Learning: Guidelines. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Pub, 2005.


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